Monday, June 29, 2009

Katherine's 3rd Birthday Party

Katherine had her 3rd birthday party this past Saturday. It was a princess theme party with a castle moonwalk (thank you Uncle Russell). Katherine had 10 friends from school come over to enjoy the moonwalk, bubbles, cake, & ice cream, and presents.
All the kids had a blast, except for a few tears over who was playing with what toys!
Colin had to be banished into our room away from guest. Matt's parents were very nice and watched Colin in our room, while the party went on. After everyone left we sanitized the whole house before he was let back out again.
Katherine had a beautiful cake fit for a princess! Even on Monday morning, she was telling me how pretty her cake was.
She most enjoyed the moonwalk or "bouncy" as she calls it. She was very upset when she woke up from her nap that evening and the "bouncy" man took it away. She got to play on it for hours, she would have stayed on it all day, but when it go to be 100 degrees, she told me it was too hot to bounce!
Katherine got a lot of great gifts, she played with them ALL day on Sunday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Colin's Cardaic Visit

Colin has to go the his cardoligist team once every three weeks, he went this past Friday and had a great visit. His chest x-ray looks good and they are happy with his weight gain. He is now up to drinking three ounces at a time. It is hard for him to drink a lot at once since his heart has to work overtime, he gets tired easily. But he is gaining as much as a normal baby would.
His reflux is now mostly under control since they upped his medicine.
He goes back on July 17 and will have an echo done so they can take a good look at how his heart is functioning. He will have to be sedated for this one, since last time he was real squirmy.
His next surgery is still tentative for mid August to mid September.
After the echo in a couple of weeks, he will either have an MRI or a heart cath depending on the outcome of the echo. This is the next step before surgery. Both has the same result (to get a better idea about what needs to be done at the next surgery), but the MRI is less invasive, so we are hoping for that.
He is cooing and talking a lot. He is a very happy baby, as if he knows nothing of what is happening to him. His eyes light up when Katherine comes in the room. He sleeps through most of the night. I have to wake him up at 2:00am for a bottle (since he has a hard time drinking a lot at once, we still need one night bottle). But he goes to sleep from 9pm - 2am, then again from 3am - 6:30am.
He loves his fingers more than a pacifier!

Nap time and Mommy's Little Aggie

Katherine and Mocha taking a nap. Then Katherine found my cap from A&M graduation. She called it her "party hat". My little Aggie.. Whoop!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slippidy Slide Kind of Day

Look at her go!

Being Lazy. drinking the water

My turn!

Colin is pouting that he can't go on it!

Taking a break!
Slip N Slide buddies
Katherine's Water Park

Say Cheese

Mocha just chillin

We bought Katherine a Slip N Slide.. but to her it's a "slippidy slide". Since we were in the hospital the last couple of days, we decided to just hang around the house today and set up Katherine's pool and slip n slide. Matt and I made Pina Coladas and watched her tire herself out, we also partook in the slip in slide. Colin wanted to join in, but he has to wait just a little while longer.

Colin's Hospital Stay

When we left the hospital a month ago, the nurses told us not to be surprised if we have to check back in before his next surgery. Last week Colin was real fussy during his feeds and was spitting up large amounts. We weren't sure why, but had a lot of guesses.. 1) Matt and Katherine had a little stomach bug 2) He got his 2 month vaccinations and maybe that upset his tummy 3) His acid reflux was flared up.
When we called the Cardiac clinic, they wanted him to come in. His oxygen levels were a little low, so they gave him some oxygen and admitted us for observation. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. It turned out to be reflux. So they doubled the dose of his reflux medicine. The old prescription was based on a lower weight, and he has gained a lot of weight lately.
Thank god it was nothing serious, but because of Colin's heart condition, when he isn't "being himself", they want to make sure that it is normal baby stuff and not his heart.
Everything with his heart checked out fine. We are glad to be home! AGAIN!

Bouncy Fun

Last weekend we took Katherine to Flip N Out, an indoor space that has about 8 different moonwalks, or as she calls them "Bouncies". She had a blast! You can stay as long as you want for only $6.. cheap entertainment. One inflatable had a slide that was about 10-12 feet tall, that's where she spent most of her time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Fun

This past weekend was our 6th year wedding anniversary. Saturday Matt's parents watched the kids while we went to dinner and a movie.
Sunday we took the kids to the park in the neighborhood, then we set up the pool in the backyard for Katherine. She was out there for almost three hours, by the end there was hardly any water left in the pool. She had her sand bucket and was either taking water out to water the flowers or to throw at Matt and me.

Like Mother Like Daughter

When we go for a walk with Colin, Katherine has to take her baby too! She has also named her baby Colin. She pushed her strolled halfway around the block, then she was "tired", so I pushed Colin and carried her stroller while holding her hand. At least it's great exercise!