Monday, October 25, 2010

Life is a day at the beach!

It was another lovely weekend, we tried to get out and enjoy the nice weather before it changes on us.

Friday we moved Colin’s crib to his own room upstairs! It’s a change that needed to happen awhile ago. Of course we had in our room starting out until we felt more comfortable with his heart condition. Then we wanted to wait until he was sleeping most the night, for our own sanity, for not going up and downstairs all night, plus we didn’t want him to wake up Katherine. The first couple nights, he woke up, but we were able to get him back to sleep. Last night he slept all night up there. He woke up once, stirred a little, and then went right back to sleep.

Saturday Katherine had a soccer game. She does well when she is paying attention, sometimes she zones out and spins in circles. She is dribbling the ball well, but as soon as someone kicks it away, she gives up. I played soccer my whole life and have a passion for it, I have to remind myself that she is 4 and it’s just about having fun and learning to play together as a team, which she does great at!
Sunday we took a trip down to the beach to enjoy our fall weather. The kids loved playing in the water and sand. The water was a little chilly for my taste, but Katherine and Matt enjoyed it. Colin mainly played on the shore line and the sand. We went and had lunch on the seawall and had good food, some adult drinks, and a nice view of the ocean.
Sunday we passed by a cemetery, Katherine asked what it was. Matt explained that it's where people go when they go to heaven. SO last night Katherine said that she missed her friend Sally (no such friend) who died and went to heaven and is living in the cemetery with her old cat that died. I couldn't stop laughing; she told me there is nothing funny about cemeteries. How right she is!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Semi - Wordless Wednesday

Seen this on other blogs, thought it was a good idea. They have Wordless Wednesday, but you know me, i can't be TOTALLY silent :)

Playing baseball in the back yard. Colin has the stance down, just has to swing, so daddy won't hit him with the ball

Look at him shove it in there, notice how much is on the plate!Not much left after all expect for a BIG mess!My beautiful Artist!What are big sisters for! Poor ColinI'm a big boy, no need for a high chair! Downtown Houston - Beautiful day for the Bayou City Arts festival!
Yummy Yummy beignets for breakfast!

Friday, October 8, 2010

1 1/2 years & Katherine

This week Colin turned 1 1/2 years old! Can you believe it, where has the time gone? He is maturing a lot lately, no more a baby, he is turning into a little boy! And I love it, don't get me wrong, I love babies and baby things, but I really enjoy the toddler and up phase. I love watching him develop a personality. Colin is now in the Two's room at school (actually it's 18 months until 3rd birthday).
Colin's Updates:
- Just had 6 month cardiology check up, all went well and we got back in 5-6 months
- If all remains the same, doctor wants to wait until he turns 4 possibly 5 for his Fontan surgery
- Weight at pediatrician - 20 lbs 8 oz, weight at home a little more, so getting closer to 21 pounds
- Length: 30 inches! Still at the bottom of the chart, but getting closer!
- Down to 2 bottles a day, morning & night, working on getting rid of those
- At school drinks his milk out of his Sippy cup! This took a long time. He would always drink water & juice out of it, but would pitch a fit about milk being in a cup and not a bottle. But in the Two year old room they drink from cups, so he has accepted that!
- Knows the part of his body and will point to them when asked
- Walks everywhere, doesn't care much for stroller or being carried anymore
- Constantly talking, favorite word still SNACK
- Knows the word blue and will point to blue objects and tell you Bluuuuueee
- Has stopped biting! Now we are working on NO SLAPPING :)
- Can throw temper tantrums very well
- Knows what time out is :)
- Has a very silly personality, loves to laugh, tickle, cuddle, give kisses!

It's been awhile since I update on Katherine, so here it goes:
- Really enjoys her preschool class - always taking about school
- Her writing is coming along great, she is getting to the point where she is not tracing letters anymore
- Looking at a word, she can write it on her own
- Loves to play dress up, art & crafts, and bake
- Doing well at soccer and at school is also in a special fitness class, that covers exercise and teaches them about being healthy.
- Due to that class, she pointed at her butt this week and told me it's her Gluteus maximus !
- Related to that, her teacher commented that Katherine does really really well at retaining information
- She is 34 pounds and 39.5 inches
- She does really well at games we have downloaded for her: memory matching and adding, she really likes the addition game
- Has a beautiful imagination
- Is very silly, I think this is where Colin learned it from!
- Loves to read books and go to Barnes & Nobles

I am very blessed to have these two in my life, they make everything worth while! And I can't forget Matt too! Though he doesn't get a "status update" on the blog, he is my best friend and I love him more than the day I married him. These two would be hard to manage without him!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Here

Fall is here, well for Texas that is. All weekend the temp was nice and cool and in the mid to low 80's. I love this weather! It was a very nice weekend. Wish it could always be sunny and 80 degrees!
Saturday Katherine had a great soccer game, she scored her first goal in a game! She, and all of us, were so excited for her. Colin got to go hang out at the Zoo that day. Matt's mom was having their company picnic and since Katherine had her game, Colin got to go with them all by himself. We just told Katherine that they took him shopping, one thing she would not miss out on. We spent the afternoon playing in the backyard, having water balloon fights, and enjoying our fall weather. Matt smoked some ribs, yummy.
Sunday it was so nice, we went down to Galveston for the morning/afternoon. We got down there and it was about 75 degrees, not warm enough to go to the beach, but a great day to visit the shops on The Strand. We had a nice lunch outside looking at the nice cruise ship and of course stopped and got ice cream. Katherine and Colin loved playing chess on the big oversize chess board out there. Then back home to watch the Texans win and grill some fajitas! Also Colin turned 18 months on Sunday, I will do another post on that later this week.