Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Getaway to the River

SO I know it's been awhile since I last updated.. things are so busy here and will stay that way through the summer. We are now just a little less than 2 months away from Colin's fontan, so we are spending as much family time as we can, hence the break from blogging as much. But I will try to update from all of our family trips coming up. We just had one and have FOUR more from now until July 1st (the date Colin has to be taken out of public in order to keep him well for surgery).

This weekend we took a quick trip to New Braunfels and met up for the day with my parents. We had a fun, relaxing day on the river. We swam, hung out, and even rode some small rapids (Which Colin LOVED, I think we went down them about 10 times).

After a full 5.5 hours on the river, it was time to check into the hotel. Can you believe that the kids were NOT happy, they thought it was TOO SOON to leave the river :) That night we went to Gruene for a nice dinner and some drinks. We got back to the hotel about 9pm and I was so tired BUT the kids were wired. Something about staying in hotels the KIDS love!

Sunday we got up and went to Wonder World. They have a train ride to petty zoo where you can feed the deer. The kids loved the train ride because it went through a waterfall. Then we went on a cave tour. The case was pretty neat because since it is not a live cave, you can touch the rocks and formations. Then was an observation tower and an anti gravity house. 

It was a quick yet fun filled weekend. With everything coming up, it was nice to have some family time  to make fun memories. We will be back on the river at the end of June for Katherine's birthday, we are going with a group of families to end of the Eyring summer before we are hospital bound.

Katherine heading down the rapids

Colin and I coming down the rapids. 
My dad being super cool

Ahhhh.. don't get me, I have my camera
Exploring the river with grandma
Matt relaxing on the river
About to go through the waterfall
Love this one, it got them!

Exploring the cave
Daddy's little girl