Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girl Scouts, no fat diet party, and a box of something sweet

Just a quick catch up on what's going on around here. We stayed home this weekend, it rained ALOT, which our yard and plants needed. And we needed the rest and relaxation.

Friday we had our first girl scouts meeting. I had a lot of fun leading the girls. I think I did a good job as Katherine has already asked me to be her troop leader again next year, I will take that as a good sign. We will see if by the end of the year, she wants me to be her troop leader again.  I am excited about the quality girl time with her this year doing this together.

She is doing well in school (she still LOVES math and science) and is trying out for the UIL academic team on storytelling. She has made it past the first 2 rounds of tryouts, hopefully she gets pretty far and I think it is a great thing for her, but the final team is gong to be pretty small, so she might not make it. We are already so proud of her for trying something new.
Being silly with the halloween decoartions
Saturday night we had friends over for a joint party (A&M game AND Colin being off his diet). The kids had a blast running around the house with their friends and it was nice for Matt and I to get to hang out with the adults and watch a GREAT game (A&M won in the last seconds with a field goal).  Our friend Robin was so sweet and brought over a cookie cake to celebrate that said "We love Colin". They were going to get the cake for him in the hospital but then he was put on the diet. The kids played until almost 11:00pm, then as soon as the last person left, they were passed out. We also decorated the house this weekend for Halloween, the kids are SO excited.. we already have our costumes.
Passed out from too much fun and cookie cake!!!
Colin has been doing well after surgery and being off his diet. He has SO MUCH energy (his o2 levels went from 82% to 97%) which basically means there was not enough oxygen running through his body before and that is why he was winded, turning blue, and just plain out of energy! His appetite has EXPLODED, he is ALWAYS hungry. Thank you GOD! We have fought and fought over food for 4 years.. begging, pleading, and fighting over food. He now wakes up and the first thing he says "I'm hungry!" the last thing at night is "I'm hungry". I feel so blessed after fighting about food, counting calories, trying so hard to make weight for a very important surgery. Colin now weighs almost a pound more than what we went in for surgery, even with a no fat and low fat diet for 10 weeks!
enjoying his treat
Perfect "party hangover" donut on Sunday morning
Matt was so sweet this week, he ordered us some wine from the winery we liked in Gruene last week. But his order got doubled, so we now have 12 bottles of wines.. whoo hoo WINE PARTY! When I opened the box, Colin saw the wine bottles and say "darn, just beer".. ha ha ha, close but mommy is NOT a beer drinker!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This was a vacation, not a trip

I once read an article about the difference of a vacation verses a trip. A vacation is one you drink adult drinks at 10:00am, sleep late, and relax.. a trip is what you do with kids.. the scheduling, breakdowns, and 'are we there yet". 

This weekend, Matt and I got to go on a vacation not a trip with our good friends who live near Fort Worth. We had 2 very fun filled days of tubing on the river, wine, music, good food, more wine, more good food, shopping, and well sleeping late. 

It is just what we needed.. just what the "doctor" ordered after the last 3 months of a very stressful time. Matt and I both feel it is important to stay strong as a couple and have these moments in time, these memories, for ourselves. I have heard statically we are at a higher chance of divorce having a kid with special needs. We will not become that statistic. 

Anyways, I digress as always. We wet to historic Gruene, TX and stayed at a very nice bed and breakfast right on the river. Our friends had the room next door and we had adjoining balconies that overlooked the river. The weather was perfect, just warm enough to get on the river but nice enough to enjoy walking around the historic downtown shops. 

Friday Matt and I got there a little early, so we went and floated the river just the two of us. It was a nice time to just talk and hang out, no interruptions. Just peace and beautiful scenery, it was very refreshing. Saturday we went tubing again, this time a little more challenging of a float and us girls have the bruises to prove it. Tip, go through a rapid in your tube NOT on your butt! Of course in between tubing trips was visiting the wineries, eating good food, listening to several good live bands, and just having a fun time without worrying what the kids were doing, or chasing them down, or interrupting us. Diet and detox started Sunday when we got home!

View from our room, wish this was my view everyday!
Perfect spot for some wine from the winery right down the street
Getting ready to float on Saturday. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of laughs!
Amanda and I ready to get on the river
Love the Guadalupe River, one day.. I will have a house on the river!!
Besides the river, we had a few stops at a couple of wineries
River on Sunday morning after the rain and cool front came in
Sunsetting on the river
Listening and dancing to the Cody Jinks band at Historic Gruene Hall, one of the oldest dance halls in Texas
Saturday evening a cool front came in, Saturday it was 89 degrees and Sunday morning was 56, the water was still so warm it had steam coming off of it in the cold air.