Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Catch up: Mutton Bustin, Beach trip, and kid's first Aggie Baseball game

Okay long over due, but here is a catch up from our Spring Break. The kids were with my parents the first half of the week, they went to a farm and picked strawberries, they got to play at some parks, have a sleepover with their cousin, and of course just had so much fun!

Thursday, Matt and I took off work and the kids chose to go back to the rodeo, which it was the last few days, so we thought it was a great idea, we only get to enjoy it once a year. To my, and most people's surprise, Katherine signed up to do Mutton Bustin. That is where you ride a sheep until it bucks you off. I explained before hand how it was, but she was brave and wanted to try it. She held on pretty good, but got bucked off and ended up with a good size bruise on her leg. BUT WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER for even wanting to try it!!

And of course going back to the rodeo meant more of the petting zoo carnival games and rides. We stayed all day again there, we had so much fun. Can't wait until next year.

Friday Matt had to work, so the kids and I went down to the beach. The water was too cold to get into, but we had a great day just playing in the sand and enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the ocean.

Saturday we took a nice family day trip to Texas A&M for the kids to watch their first A&M Baseball game and they LOVED IT!! We got into town and had a nice lunch on the patio of one of our favorite burger places. Then we walked around campus. Katherine had so many questions, I loved how much she wanted to learn about college, A&M, where mommy and daddy lived and fell in love. She is a future Aggie in training. The kids loved the game, we bought tickets for lawn seats since there is a playground right by outfield where the kids loved playing and watching the game at the same time. And they both made friends with other kids there. And of course we had sno-cones and ice cream :) Colin said he wants to go see another game because those were the BEST sno-cones. The kids were sad when the game was over and it was time to leave Aggieland.
Katherine and Colin at the Dixie Chicken, mom and dad stopped by for a pre-game drink
What a beautiful day to enjoy a baseball game with the family
The view from the playground
Katherine and I enjoying a sno-cone durning the game
We have ourselves an Aggie baseball fan

Matt enjoying the beer garden before the game
Katherine in Bottle Cap alley, where Mommy and Daddy had their first kiss, classy I know

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cardilogy Update (Last one before surgery), Houston Rodeo, and family fun day at the Brewery.. yes I said Brewery

Cardiology Update
Colin had his 6 month cardiology check up last week, the last one before his surgery this summer. His echo, EKG, oxygen levels, weight all looked great, so his cardiologist is happy to wait until summer for his Fontan. I have a call into the surgical team to see about scheduling it. Colin was apprehensive about each test, but after some crying and bribing, he did an excellent job letting them take a look at his heart. He still has about one more pound to go, darn tummy bug the week before set us back some. Afterwards he got to pick out a toy from the hospital gift shop for being such a good boy! So I guess I will stop living in denial and face that we are indeed just a few months out from open heart surgery.. (Yes, I want to throw up)!!!

Houston Livestock and Rodeo Time
A few Fridays ago I got the pleasure of chaperoning Katherine's first grade field trip to the Houston Rodeo. The kids had a blast and were well behaved but I needed some wine after that. This past Friday, Matt and I took off work and let the kids miss school and we had a family FUN day at the rodeo!! Matt's parents met us up there to enjoy the day with us.

All of us had a blast seeing the animals, riding the carnival rides, shopping, and of course eating carnival food (like funnel cakes, sausage on a stick, and a fried snickers). The crowds were almost non-existent at the carnival, so the kids got to ride all the kiddie rides (not the big person carnival) over and over and over AND over again!! We were having so much fun, all of a sudden we realized we had been there EIGHT hours and it was time to head back home.

On our way to the rodeo, Colin just wanted to get in the car and not take pictures

Having fun with pony rides and the petting zoo!
We spent a good amount of time at the rides, the kids LOVED THEM!! What great daddy Matt is for getting into a ride he is way TOO TALL for!
Katherine's favorite, it makes you fly like Superman, yes, she made me ride it, in a dress!
This is how I roll at the carnival, holding the prizes, Colin's hat, and of course a frosty adult beverage! 

Love this picture! Colin and Matt leaving the rodeo.

Whole family at the end of the day, yeah we survived!! And we have a bag full of goodies to take home

No Label Brewery 
Saturday we went with my brother and sister-in-law and some friends to a local brewery that has a family friendly event on Saturdays. It was a beer tasting with live music and food. We brought our lawn chairs and hung out and played frisbee, danced, and the adults enjoyed in some beer.