Monday, January 26, 2009

29 weeks.. 10 more to go

This weekend we hit the 29 week mark of the pregnancy, only 10 more weeks until the C-Section. My Dr. is calling the hospital today to schedule the time, but looks like it will be Friday April 3 at 10:00am. But I will post when we have the exact time.

"Baby Boy" is doing great. I got to hear his heartbeat this past Friday. We think we have the name picked out, but not going to post just yet, in case we change our minds.
I have been feeling pretty good lately, though heartburn has kicked in. Just ready for April!
We were getting the room ready this weekend, Katherine was such a big help and has really taken interest in the baby the last couple of weeks.

Nap Time at the Eyrings

Sunday Katherine was upset that I would not let her watch "Dora the Explorer". So she was pouting on the landing of the staircase. I was on the phone for 5 minutes, when I turned around and discovered her fast asleep. All that pouting must have wore her out.
Then I caught Seger in his nap time.. which is 90% of his life.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Making a mess... and also a CAKE

With things being so hectic this week, I took time out to bake a cake with Katherine. She LOVES to bake cakes, cookies, anything. But she doesn't really seem to like to eat the cake, BUT SHE DOES LOVE CAKE BATTER!
She had a great time making the cake as you can tell! It took me longer to clean her up than to actually make the cake. But that is the true joy of making a cake with a two year old.

Matt's Surgery

This week Matt has surgery on his left shoulder to repair a torn labium. His shoulder has been bothering him for years, so we finally got it looked at and he needed surgery. Everything went according to plan and he is doing well. Full recovery time is right about when the baby is going to be born.
Right now he is in a sling and a water cast. He had a catheter put in his neck to dispense pain medication, so he hasn't felt a thing YET! Of course it has been stressful being 7 months pregnant, Matt getting surgery, having to play nurse to him, and mommy to a two year old. Oh by the way, I was sick this week with a sinus infection and could not take anything.
While at the hospital waiting on Matt to go in, day care called and asked me to pick up Katherine because she stuck a cookie up her nose and it had become lodged. I told them I couldn't leave since Matt was going in for surgery in 30 minutes. Luckily they called back in 10 minutes, she had sneezed it came out!

Happy Birthday Matt!

This month Matt turned 34. He just wanted to do something low key, so we had everyone over and order pizza's from our favorite local pizza joint, had beer & wine (well they did), and of course cake and ice cream. Matt had a great time, but I think Katherine tried to steal the show as always. She had some much fun, she didn't want people to leave. She would back the door and tell them "The gate is closed". The pictures are Matt with his dad and his cake (wish I could take credit it for, but I bought it)!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a Beautiful Day

This past Saturday we had such nice weather for the beginning of January, sunny and high of 78. So we took advantage of it and went down to Galveston to the Moody Gardens Aquarium and to eat at one of our favorite places, The Spot on the seawall. Most of Moody Gardens is still not open since Ike in September, but the Aquarium was up and running. It was nice since there wasn't very many people there.
Katherine spent most her time with the stingrays, penguins, and the turtles. And of course we had to go on the search to find "Nemo"!
After that we enjoyed some great hamburgers at The Spot, which was VERY crowed! But we got a nice table that faced the water.
We went down to the strand just to see, but not much was open there. They have made great strides so far, but it will take awhile to get the strand back up and running.
Good thing we enjoyed our sunshine and warm weather, today is overcast and only a high of 48.

Happy New Year

With a two year old and being 6 months pregnant, we decided to have a low key New Years Eve at home this year. Katherine liked the hats and noise makers. She would yell "Happy New Year" and give us a kiss. She made it until midnight, we watched the ball drop in Time Square, she liked that so much we watched it three times on the DVR. We had lots of snacks all night and she was out by 12:20pm. I celebrated with some sparkling grape juice! Man I miss margaritas at this point!
We had a great 2008 and look forward to a even better, but more hectic 2009!


Katherine really enjoyed Christmas this year. She was very excited about Santa coming, the Christmas tree, and Christmas cookies! We went to a lot of Christmas parties and she got a lot of really great gifts. She was disappointed after about 6 days, there were no more gifts to open. She got really sad when the lights were taken down and the Christmas tree was gone.

I'm a big girl now

Part of Katherine's Christmas gifts was a "big girl" bedroom set! Yes, we said goodbye to the crib, it is now in the baby's room. The first night she only slept half the night in it, but each night after that she slept a little more and more. Now she sleeps all night in it. She loves to lay in bed and read her books and play with her toys. Now if we can just get rid of that pacifier!

Gingerbread House

Matt and Katherine had a blast making their 1st gingerbread house. Though with Katherine making it, there was hardly any candy to decorate since she kept eating it all! She was very proud of her creation. That day we also made Christmas cookies. SUGAR OVERLOAD!