Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colin's Room

We have finished hanging and putting things up in Colin's room. For the first couple months he will be in his bassinet in our room until I can fully recover from the c-section. We must admit, we didn't go all out this time like we did Katherine's room, but new house and didn't want to paint anything just yet.

Spring Time is HERE!

Here are some pics from us enjoying the spring weather we have been having. Katherine loves it! Some are from The Kemah Boardwalk spray fountains and the rest are from playing in the sprinkler in our backyard.
Katherine got two new bathing suits this past weekend, she picked out the one she is wearing in the pictures all by herself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

This weekend was Katherine's first time to really go to the Houston Rodeo ( she did go "listen" to Pat Green when I was 6 months pregnant) .
We got there early in the morning on Sunday to beat the crowd. She got to see lots of cows, pigs, chickens, goats, lambs, and other animals.
She had her VERY first pony ride, she wasn't too sure at first, but ended up loving it! Matt said she was telling the pony "Yee-Haw" and "Giddy-Up"! They also had a petting zoo, which she always loves those!
They had a really neat area, where Katherine got to play farmer and help milk a cow and plant vegetables.
She actually rode a carnival ride all by herself and enjoyed it. It was a pirate ship that spun around and went up and down.
We all had lots of fun. I was so wore out by the end of it all. Waddling around for 5 hrs being 8 months pregnant was pretty intense! But it was all worth it.

Riley's Birthday Party

Katherine's friend at school, Riley, had her 3rd birthday party this weekend. They had a moonwalk, pizza, and cake. Katherine had SOOO much fun in the moonwalk with all her friends. It was very interesting to see her with her friends from school. They were running around, holding hands, calling each other to go "here and there". She definitely has a group at school that she really likes.
It was also nice to get to spend more time with some of the parents. We see each other everyday coming in and out, and say hi, but it was nice to meet people in the neighborhood that have kids right at the same age.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Showers

I am very lucky to have such wonderful family, friends, and co-workers that threw me two showers, one at work and one by Lara and my mom. We got lots of great stuff and everything we need for Colin's arrival. And everyone was so great about including Katherine in it all. She got just as many gifts! She probably thought it was Christmas all over again!
At both showers, the food and decorations were very nicely done. We are very forunate to have such a great support sytem in our lives!
We have been putting Colin's room together and washing all of his clothes. Lots to do before he comes, which is now just a little less than one month away!
I am very ready for the end to be near. I am convinced that this is a huge kid, though my doctor disagrees and says I am right on track. I don't believe her!
I am in the uncomfortable stage and ready to have my own body back!!!