Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ER Visit, Croup, Stomach Flu, Wedding, and More!

What a week it has been! Monday and Tuesday were quite, and then things got hectic from there.
Wednesday we could tell that Colin was a little congested, but it didn’t seem too bad until about 11 pm that night. He woke us up and was wheezing, taking slow breathes, and seemed to be struggling to breathe, and had a horrible cough. I steamed up the shower and sat in there with him for 20 minutes, but it didn’t seem to help. I figured it was croup, but not sure with Colin’s heart condition what that meant for him. So about midnight, we were off to the ER.
We were there for 6 hours under observation. Thank God it was just croup and they gave him some steroids and sent us home at 6:00am. His oxygen level normally is about 92% and had dropped to about 83%, but was back in the 90’s in the afternoon.
I had a client web call Thursday at work I had to be there for, so we got home at 6:30am, I slept for 2 hrs, then up to work for the rest of the day.
So Thursday was a daze!
Friday I was off to work to travel to Dallas to be in a friend’s wedding. Got up to feed Colin and BAM, I have the stomach flu! I WAS SO UPSET! I did not want to miss this wedding for anything, and how do you call someone and say I can’t be in your wedding because you can’t leave the bathroom.
Matt and I decided just to make our way to Dallas and just see how it goes. SO not only am I leaving Colin for the first time, I am leaving him after an ER trip, and now I have the stomach flu (which is actually good I was separating myself from him).
Colin went in for a check up with his pediatrician, and he was doing just fine!
My parents stayed at our house with the kids while we were away, we are very thankful for their help, I think they forgot how tiring two small children are! On Saturday, Matt’s parents picked them up and took them to his aunt’s Christmas party. It was the first time most of Matt’s extended family got to meet Colin. Katherine had fun playing and bossing around Jack, who is 1.
Luckily it was just a 24 hour bug and Saturday I felt great and was ready to PARTY.
It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for Sylvia and Will! We had a great time catching up with some old college friends! BUT MAN was it cold in North Dallas! When we left the wedding Saturday night, it was 29 degrees! BURRRRRRRR! One reason why I only lived in Dallas for 5 months!
Of course all this amongst holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and everything else the holidays comes with! Katherine is very excited about Christmas, they have been practicing Christmas songs at school. Just a few more days until Santa comes!

Santa already brought me a new camera! Can't wait to really get to test it out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day and Colin turns 8 months old

Friday we actually got about 3 inches of snow! Last year we had flurries, but this year it actually stuck. Katherine had a fever the last couple of days, but I let her go out and play a little. We had a snow ball fight and started a snowman.
Colin was not too sure about the cold weather and snow. It was really hard on Katherine being sick because we have to separate her and Colin. Katherine DOES NOT like being told she can’t hold, touch, or kiss on Colin! We kept them apart for about 3 days.. what a LONG 3 days it was.

Thursday Dec. 3 – Colin turned 8 months old! Time has really gone by fast. Here are the highlights for this month:
- Got his first tooth.
- Weighs 16 pounds, 5 ounces (on our scale) and 16 pounds 12 ounces at the doctors, so let’s say 16 pounds 8 ounces!
- Has begun to crawl/scoot backwards, we are working on forwards
- Can stand on his own if holding on to his crib
- Says Dada and Nana (when mad), still working on mama, he can say mmmmmmmm
- Lunges forward from sitting, onto his belly going after objects
- Loves to make noise with his fingers in mouth

Katherine is coming along well in school, she can:
- Count to 12
- Name shapes and pick out in the room what shape objects are
- Knows the days of the week, and months of the year
- Knows her ABC’s and colors
- Recognizes some letters of the Alphabet when written, especially K
- Knows some Spanish words and meanings.. thank you DORA
- Loves to paint her finger and toenails, have tea parties, and play princess
- Does NOT like ponytails right now, always wants her hair down
- EATS a ton of grapes

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sweet Angel Heart Baby

A sweet heart baby lost her fight yesterday with HLHS. Hailey fought against it so hard but her body was too tired. I pray for her family through this hard time. Even though I never met her family, I have followed her blog for several months now. She is a beautiful angel now and will be greatly missed by her family.
In our journey with HLHS, I have found a community of other moms who blog about their amazing heart babies. It breaks my heart to see a family lose their child.
Please pray for Hailey’s family as they grieve the loss of their beautiful daughter. May God heal them in this dark time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy but lovely time off

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. It was nice to have time off but it went by really fast.
Thanksgiving morning, we all watched the parade. Katherine thought it was “awesome” for about 20 minutes, then she lost interest. Everyone was coming over about 1:00pm, so starting about 9:00am came… “Is it time for Thanksgiving” “When is everybody coming”, “When can we have turkey”. Katherine was very excited. We had lots of goodies to eat. Colin was sure eying all the food, sorry.. not till next year buddy.

That night we watched a good football game, A&M fell a little short, but it was a good game, could have been worse. This year wasn’t A&M’s year (okay so it hasn’t been for awhile, but we bleed Maroon!)
Friday we went to Matt’s parents for yummy fajitas and enchiladas.. a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Our friends Tim & Stacey came by with their boy who is almost two. Katherine and Turner had a blast. She was even calling him her boyfriend.. but I don’t think he felt the same way!

Katherine reading Colin a bedtime story..look at all the drool!

Playing in the tent with Katherine

Colin was not happy on the car ride home.. he screamed and cried so much, instead of crying himself to sleep, he spit up ALL over the place. His reflux really seems to agitate him when he is angry. We rarely ever see an angry side of him.. it really was like the Exorcist!
Saturday we went to the park and played around the house, took it easy for the day. We played with the ducks at the pond, Katherine wanted to take one home. When we told her no because there was no where for the duck, she said he could sleep in her room. What a sweetie, but the answer was still no!
Sunday we decorated the inside of the house for Christmas and we went and got our tree. Katherine of course is very excited about Christmas. We sang a lot of Christmas songs and watched a few Christmas cartoons... Frosty the Snowman and The Grinch. When we were decorating the tree, she said it was going to be the best Christmas ever… I couldn’t agree more. We are so very thankful for the blessings in our life. We are thankful for the people we get to share those blessings with. It will be the 1st Christmas for all four of us.. and according to Katherine.. “It’s going to be AWSOME”! She’s young, but she knows what she is talking about!
Monday came too early!