Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A beautiful sound

Katherine LOVES to entertain Colin, it's like having a live-in clown. He thinks she is so funny. I walked in the living room last night and Colin was cracking up because Katherine was jumping on the couch. Instead of telling her not to jump on the couch, which I SHOULD have done, I got my phone out and recorded his beautiful laugh. He has been laughing for about 2 weeks now, mostly at Katherine and Matt. Now I have to work on Katherine NOT jumping on the couch.
If you listen carefully, she tells me only to film her.. what a camera hog she is. But rightfully so since she was the star attraction for so many years.

If you can not play the video below, please click here:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Turned 30!

This past week I hit a milestone, I turned 30. I have never thought about my age at all, until it was time to leave my 20's, guess I felt a little old this time. The years have flown by, sometimes I wish we could just pause time and be able to really take it all in and enjoy life.

Since my birthday was on a Wednesday, we didn't do too much that day. Matt sent me some really pretty flowers at work. My mom cooked us dinner while I was at work, yummy chicken enchiladas! Spent the evening with Matt and the kids. Matt got me an iPhone, which I wasn't expecting at all.
Saturday my parents and Russell & Lara came over for lunch, cake, and presents. We had a lot of fun, but the most entertaining part was my dad and Katherine making hats out of the foil tissue paper. The first was a "party" hat, then they were cone heads, like the SNL sketch.

Sunday I went to get Katherine's hair cut and all the kids were getting washable spray colors done, so I gave in and let her have a green ponytail. She liked that a lot and it washed right out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What a Pair

Of course I am trying to take a picture and Colin is more intersted in his feet.
Still not looking at me, cartoons are on

Always wants to be noticed!

What a sweet girl! And he STILL has those feet!

If real men can wear pink, I can sit in a purple Bumbo!

What a pair Colin and Katherine have become. The last few nights, Katherine's big entertainment is to put on her tutu and dance for Colin. He cracks up watching her and she gets a big kick being the star and center of attention for him. His face lights up when she walks into the room, except for when he is sleeping and she wakes him up, then he is not so happy with her.

Last night Katherine was crying about something, that made Colin get a sad face and cry too. She stopped, he stopped. Later that night, she started laughing and he laughed. He loves her with all of his heart. One day we will have to explain to both Katherine and Colin how special Colin's heart truly is.

Recently I have researched and found some other blogs of parents with children that have HLHS. It's been therapeutic to read other people's stories and their struggles and strides with it all. Some days it can be overwhelming and it's nice to know we are not alone. I have read some that are encouraging and they give me hope. I have read others that remind me how precious life is and how Colin is such a gift that must never be taken for granted.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Week in Review

I found my toes!
I'm tired!

Kick, Kick, Kick

Look at me!

Your funny mommy.
Colin in his shades

Of course, then Katherine had to wear them.

Since I have been back at work, it is harder to update this, but I will get better at making the time.
Last week was a good week for us.
Friday - Colin went to his cardiac check-up. They are happy with his overall weight gain, though this past week he was fluctuating a lot, but we had a slight tummy bug in our house and I think he caught a little of it, thanks to big sis. He had an echo done, which he had to be sedated for and a chest x-ray. Everything looked good. He has an MRI on August 3rd, then his next surgery should be 4-5 weeks after that, so we are looking at last week of August or the beginning of September.
After his next surgery, home life will be easier. We won't have to weigh him everyday and we won't have to measure everything he eats, or wake him up at night for a bottle. He can go to daycare 6 weeks after his surgery. His doctor visits will get less and less.
He has gotten pretty good at holding his head up, he puts some weight on his legs, his is now LAUGHING (Matt is really good at making him laugh), rolling to both sides, picking up toys and putting them in his mouth, and has started being amazing by the t.v.

Saturday - We hung around the house and relaxed, waiting for it to rain, but it didn't. Jill stopped by for a little while, it was great to see her. Since Colin has been born, we really haven't been able to be too sociable. My parents bought a 5th wheel last week and moved it down the street from us this weekend. So Saturday we took the kids over there to visit and swim in the pool. Katherine is TOO brave in the pool. She THINKS she can swim. She will try to jump in when no one is looking. We have to keep an eye on her. Russell and Lara came too. We had a nice dinner and swim, then a huge rain storm came while we were in the 5th wheel. What a lightening storm, Katherine thought it was a real pretty firework display.
Sunday- Matt's parents came over to see the kids and bring me my birthday present!! After that we took Katherine swimming again. She had so much fun, she fell asleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until 6 am this morning. She usually doesn't go to bed until 9:00-9:15 and that is US making her got to sleep.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend and Colin turns 3 months

My last weekend before going back to work, so we tried to pack a lot in.

Thursday - I took Katherine to see "UP". She enjoyed the movie until one part where dogs were chasing a bird, she got really upset and wanted to leave, so we missed the ending. It's funny that she watched a 3-D IMAX movie on Dinosaurs and was fine, but had problems watching dogs chase a bird. When we got home, we put on our bathing suits, and went to the splash park and pool in the neighborhood. Russell and Lara came with us, so much easier with 3 adults than when I took her by myself the other week.

Friday- Colin turns 3 months old. Colin now weighs 10 lbs, 13 oz, which is about in the 10th percent for weight. Which isn't too bad considering he did not get to eat for the first 3 weeks of his life, being on a feeding tube, and going through major surgery. It will take him time to catch up, but as long as his doctors are happy, so are we! He is rolling over to one side, holds objects and puts them in his mouth, laughs, recognizes us, and for the most part, supports his head (though sometimes still a little wobbly.)

Friday evening, we took Katherine and Colin over to Matt's parents for his dad's birthday. We had a nice visit and some very good fajitas! Katherine had lots of fun playing with Uncle Brian and Aunt Robin. Colin had a great time being out of our house. Katherine slept on the way home, but Colin stayed awake and was telling us about his exciting trip.

Saturday - 4th of July!!!!! Katherine, Matt, and I had my family over for a fish fry, hurricanes, apple pie, and fireworks. Before everyone got here, we made the apple pie. Katherine likes to bake. She was telling Matt and I in the kitchen that we were doing a great job! we had tons of food, then my parents watched Colin while Matt and I took Katherine to see fireworks. She loved them and was sad when it was over.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Katherine's 3rd birthday - Moody Gardens

Since I am still on maternity leave for one last week, on Katherine's birthday I took her down to Moody Gardens for the day. We packed up early and went to my parents to drop off Colin. 5 minutes into the car ride, Katherine announces she pooped her panties ( the joy of having a toddler who is 90% potty trained). If it was just me and Katherine, I would have stopped at a store to change her, but since we had Colin and I really don't take him to public places, Katherine had to sit in it until we reached my parents.
We met up with an old friend of mine that works at Moody Gardens and he gave us the star treatment (thanks Brandon).
Katherine went to see the rainforest, 3-D IMAX on dinosaurs, and to the Aquarium. I kept asking her if the dinosaurs would be too scary, but she said she wanted to see them. During the movie, she would put the glasses on and off (off during the "scary" parts). She watched the whole movie except for the last 5 minutes, she said she was scared. I really think it was becasue I told her she could have a gaint pretzel after the movie, which she got as soon as we walked out.
They had a display where she could dig for dinosaurs bones, she thought that was a lot of fun.
On the way home, I got her a slushie and cheetos, which she devoured then passed out.
When we got back to my parents, Russell and Lara were there. They got her a Snow White dress up outfit to play in , she is really into Snow White right now.