Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cookies

My work had a Christmas party for the kids this weekend. They got to decorate Christmas cookies. Last year Katherine was not very interested in it, but this year she loved it. She was VERY concentrated on decorating her cookies. They had candies out to put on the cookies, Katherine would put one on the cookie, eat one, put one on the cookie, and so on.
She seemed to really like decorating with the blue icing. Which was fun when we got home and let her eat it, then we had blue icing everywhere!
Matt enjoy himself too! He was trying to make a really nice one, but Katherine soon took that over and put her own flare on it. Somehow I walked away with the most mess on my jeans!
Santa showed up with some gifts for the kids. I was surprised to see Katherine was very excited, stood in line, and went right up to Santa, sat next to him, and got her gift. Last year.. she had little to do with Santa.

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