Monday, February 9, 2009

Nap Time at the Eyrings Part II

This just proves that Katherine will literally play until she passes out.
Sunday she woke up about 6:00am and was on the go ever since. We played with all the toys in the game room, we played in the backyard, we played in the front yard, we ran around the house and chased the animals. Grandma and Papa stopped by and we played some more. She didn't have a nap at all. Come 5:00pm, I was fixing dinner, and I saw her take her "puppy" and "kitty" to the front door, I asked Matt to check on her, and he just started dying laughing and told me I had to see what she was up to.
And this is what I found.


Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

too funny!

Rudy.Cassol said...

awesome...sometimes, you just need to shut your eyes for a while, I understand.

Brenda said...

She remindes me of her Uncle Julio, just give him a place to relax and he is out.