Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Showers

I am very lucky to have such wonderful family, friends, and co-workers that threw me two showers, one at work and one by Lara and my mom. We got lots of great stuff and everything we need for Colin's arrival. And everyone was so great about including Katherine in it all. She got just as many gifts! She probably thought it was Christmas all over again!
At both showers, the food and decorations were very nicely done. We are very forunate to have such a great support sytem in our lives!
We have been putting Colin's room together and washing all of his clothes. Lots to do before he comes, which is now just a little less than one month away!
I am very ready for the end to be near. I am convinced that this is a huge kid, though my doctor disagrees and says I am right on track. I don't believe her!
I am in the uncomfortable stage and ready to have my own body back!!!

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