Friday, October 8, 2010

1 1/2 years & Katherine

This week Colin turned 1 1/2 years old! Can you believe it, where has the time gone? He is maturing a lot lately, no more a baby, he is turning into a little boy! And I love it, don't get me wrong, I love babies and baby things, but I really enjoy the toddler and up phase. I love watching him develop a personality. Colin is now in the Two's room at school (actually it's 18 months until 3rd birthday).
Colin's Updates:
- Just had 6 month cardiology check up, all went well and we got back in 5-6 months
- If all remains the same, doctor wants to wait until he turns 4 possibly 5 for his Fontan surgery
- Weight at pediatrician - 20 lbs 8 oz, weight at home a little more, so getting closer to 21 pounds
- Length: 30 inches! Still at the bottom of the chart, but getting closer!
- Down to 2 bottles a day, morning & night, working on getting rid of those
- At school drinks his milk out of his Sippy cup! This took a long time. He would always drink water & juice out of it, but would pitch a fit about milk being in a cup and not a bottle. But in the Two year old room they drink from cups, so he has accepted that!
- Knows the part of his body and will point to them when asked
- Walks everywhere, doesn't care much for stroller or being carried anymore
- Constantly talking, favorite word still SNACK
- Knows the word blue and will point to blue objects and tell you Bluuuuueee
- Has stopped biting! Now we are working on NO SLAPPING :)
- Can throw temper tantrums very well
- Knows what time out is :)
- Has a very silly personality, loves to laugh, tickle, cuddle, give kisses!

It's been awhile since I update on Katherine, so here it goes:
- Really enjoys her preschool class - always taking about school
- Her writing is coming along great, she is getting to the point where she is not tracing letters anymore
- Looking at a word, she can write it on her own
- Loves to play dress up, art & crafts, and bake
- Doing well at soccer and at school is also in a special fitness class, that covers exercise and teaches them about being healthy.
- Due to that class, she pointed at her butt this week and told me it's her Gluteus maximus !
- Related to that, her teacher commented that Katherine does really really well at retaining information
- She is 34 pounds and 39.5 inches
- She does really well at games we have downloaded for her: memory matching and adding, she really likes the addition game
- Has a beautiful imagination
- Is very silly, I think this is where Colin learned it from!
- Loves to read books and go to Barnes & Nobles

I am very blessed to have these two in my life, they make everything worth while! And I can't forget Matt too! Though he doesn't get a "status update" on the blog, he is my best friend and I love him more than the day I married him. These two would be hard to manage without him!

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