Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pics

Katherine and Colin getting ready to carve the pumpkin Friday night. They had fun squishing their hands in their. Colin had fun throwing it all over the kitchen, we did NOT have fun cleaning that up!My pretty ballerina. She asked to be a purple ballerina after the barbie doll she has, she is so much prettier than the barbie! I can't believe how big she is, time really does fly by!
Colin's first real Halloween. He is a monster. The Mohawk in his hair was suppose to be green until I saw the warning on the can not to use in fine blond hair.. good thing I read the can. He did great this year, he walked most of the way, carried his own candy, said "Treat" but it in his basket and said "Thank you". He was a big hit and he loved it. He would not let me carry his basket at all, I was NOT allowed to touch it!

Loving on her brother as always, she is REALLY a wonderful big sister!
How sweet are they! He loves her so so much!
Katherine and all her loot! She was so proud of it. At school she is taking a fitness/health class and told us on Tuesday that we all need to take one more piece and throw out all the rest of the candy, it's not healthy for us. She can throw out her share, I want to keep mine :)
After trick-or-treating, Katherine was so excited to help answer the door and help pass out candy to her "customers". Each time the doorbell rang, she would yell, "We have more customers!" When we ran out of candy, she got some of hers to put in the bucket to hand out, that's just one reason why I love her so much, she does have a heart of gold! After all that, she passed out in our bed watching cartoons, it was a fun night!


Jenny Lincoln said...

Your kids are way way too stinkin adorable Jennifer! Love the pics! :) Glad you all had such a great Halloween! :)

Elaine said...

Sooo cute-I love how much the LOVE each other. Katherine is looking so grown up these days :) Colin is such a little stud-muffin!