Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankgiving - A review of pictures

We had a wonderful and busy Thanksgiving break. We hosted a real nice Thanksgiving lunch at our house with my family, then off to Matt's aunt house for the evening where the kids got to play with the cows, then to watch A&M beat t.u... WHOOP.HE LOVES HIS FOOD!
MODEL POSE!COLIN WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THE COWS!Friday I took Katherine to see Tangled, what a cute movie. We had a nice girls date. Saturday we went to Matt's parents for another "Thanksgiving" meal. Sunday we had my family over to say goodbye to my parents, they left for the next month or so to travel and go to see my grandma in Arizona. They are going to fly back for Christmas, then travel some more after that. Here's Colin cuddleing with his PaPa Wayne (my dad), Katherine feeding her baby cousin Kannon, my mom & Katherine & Kannon, and my brother Russell with his mini-me.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

Aww! What great pictures! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)