Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st visit from Tooth Fairy, Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch & Pumkun Chunkin

Last Wednesday, Colin and Katherine were playing in our room "watching" cartoons while we fixed dinner. We heard Katherine crying, when she came in the kitchen, she had a bloody mouth and shirt. Colin bumped into her mouth and knocked her two bottom front teeth loose. In the morning, I scheduled Katherine a dentist appointment to get it checked out. Before she even got to the dentist, she pulled on of them out at school. The dentist said that the teeth were already loose, just not enough of her to notice yet. Everything looked good on the x-ray, Colin just sped up the process by a few weeks. That night the tooth fairy made her first visit to our house, last night she made her second visit. That should be enough for awhile.
Over the weekend we had beautiful weather, so we decided to take full advantage of it. Saturday we had Katherine's soccer game early in the morning, then we got the family packed up for a nice day trip. We loaded up the kids and my parents in the SUV (Good thing for 3rd row seats) and headed to Fayetteville, TX ..a small town that my aunt and uncle live in halfway between Austin and Houston. They were having their annual fall festival, Lick Skillet Days. It was a nice day for a drive through the country and a nice little town fair. The fair wasn't very large, but the whole point was to get out of the house, enjoy the weather, and spend time as family.. Mission accomplished. Was a little disappointed that they were selling beer, but not till the dance at 6:00pm. I don't drink beer, but others were looking forward to that. They had some nice vendors where Katherine and Colin stocked up on toys, cookies, chocolate covered raisins, ice cream, snow cones, and other goodies. They both loved playing in the historic courthouse and jail. The kids had a great time running around, thought they would take a nap on the 1 1/2 hour drive home… no way.. But Paw Paw sure did fall asleep.

Sunday we hung around the house most of the day. We met up with friends and their kids and took the kids to a really cool pumpkin patch right by the house. They had tons of pumpkins to choose from and a nice little train ride, which Colin LOVED of course. All the kids got their face painted with pumpkins and they even had a catapult to do "pumpkin chunkin". Matt did the pumpkin chunkin, his pumpkin launched 450 feet. The kids had so much fun there, that we had a slight little breakdown when it was time to go. Last thing- A nice/slight mean moment by Katherine that I just wanted to get into the blog. Yesterday morning Katherine asked if she had surgeries on her heart when she was young like Colin. I explained that God make her a healthy heart and gave Colin a special heart that the doctors had to help out.

Then she hugged Colin and then... Stuck her tongue out and said "Ha Ha".

She loves him so so much, but he did knock her teeth loose :)


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