Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

A little late, but things have been busy since getting back from San Francisco. The kids of course enjoyed Halloween last week. Colin was none other than... (drum roll)... Buzz Lightyear. Katherine at first wanted to be Jesse from Toy Story UNTIL we got to the store and she saw a "purple" witch. The girl is mesmorized by anything purple, last year was had to a be a "purple" ballerina.

We had plans to go Trick or Treating with Katherine & Colin's friends, but I was not sure if Colin was going to be up for Trick-or-Treating since we just got out of the ER with croup at 5:00am that morning.. so who knows what kind of mood he was going to be in by 6:00pm. But as soon as I got Katherine in her costume, Colin was ready to go, pretty much throwing his costume at me ready to get some CANDY :)

The kids had lots of fun, Colin really enjoyed and got into Halloween this year. One time Katherine started running to a house with no light on and Colin was yelling "Sissy, no light, Sissy, no light". Both of them were good about saying Trick or Treat, and Thank you. Niether one of them seemed scared by any of the "spooky" houses.

Katherine the "Good" purple witch Buzz Lightyear still sporting his black eye from bouncing off the bed onto the end table

Not looking at the camera.. I was so excited that the 2T costume fit my little man
In motion running to get more candy

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sunshine said...

They looked just precious!