Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The randomness that is our house

The last two weekends we have been laying a little low key. This past weekend Colin was sick with a fever and cold, and Matt had to work, so we just hung around. But I have some funny pictures from our everyday lives. The flower above is from our front yard, we have had such a mild winter, the flowers think it's spring time already. And that is fine by me, this southern girl does not like the cold!The coolest straw ever.. eyeglass straw. Colin got this for Christmas, we are just now testing it out. Now I have to find another one, so the kids can stop fighting over it and sharing germs through it.
Matt got a nerf gun for Christmas. The kids love taking turn shooting at the door making the darts stick to the door. They do follow the rule so far of NOT shooting each other.. but does not stop Matt and I from shooting the kids with it.
See kitties have rough days too and need some Prosecco (sparkling wine). Seager thought he would like to share my glass the other night. Silly kitty.
Saturday we went to Chuck-E-Cheese for a little while. Must have tired Katherine out that night. She fell asleep, well more like passed out, on the ottoman in our bedroom. Doesn't look too comfortable, but she has always fallen asleep in weird places and positions.
For Christmas and Matt's birthday, I got the pictures he took at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco put onto canvas. They came out beautifully and this weekend we hung them over the fireplace. We have been in the house 3 years and could not find anything to put in the two story art niche above the fireplace. I think these fit well, plus they are stunning pictures from a great trip we had.
Colin anxiously waiting for Katherine to finish the brownie mix so he can lick the bowl. Katherine did a great job of putting in all the ingredients and mixing the batter all by herself. She loves to bake and of course eat it too!
Now it's bowl licking time! The best thing about baking!
Katherine's school is having a 100 day of school celebration this week. We had to make a shirt with 100 things on them. So we went to the store and she got to pick out 100 stickers. She stuck with hearts, flowers, stars, and jewels. We had to count out 100 and I hot glued them on the shirt. Katherine lost interest halfway through the project :)


Jenny said...

Looks like you guys are having fun- that flower is so pretty- I'm so jealous of flowers in your yard in January. Glad everyone is feeling better!

sunshine said...

Now you have another flower pic for house! those kids do stay busy even when you have a "low key" weekend.