Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fontan delayed, trip to the river, water slides, and whiplash

So much to say in one post, so let's get started.

First and foremost, Colin was presented to the surgical team on Monday to decide on his next and hopefully last surgery, the Fontan. In April we were told it was going to be this summer or early fall. GOOD NEWS is the team decided Colin was doing so well that they want to wait until Spring so he can get a little bigger. Though we were ready to face the Fontan, it's great that Colin is doing well enough that we are not in a rush and can let his body get a little bigger. So for right now we will procrastinate the inevitable. 

We took a nice 3 day trip to New Braunfels this past weekend to meet up with my parents who were camping there. The city is an old german settlement nestled between two rivers in the Texas Hill Country. I love it there, I always have a hard time leaving. Friday my mom took the kids swimming and to play while the "BIG KIDS" (me, Matt, and my dad) went to Schlitterbahn. It's one of the countries top water parks. We decided not to take the kids since Colin is too small and Katherine has no interest in watersides.. YET.. still working on her. It was a very fun day racing down slides and floating in the tubes.

Saturday we took the kids and my parents to Landa Park, which is a park that sits on the river and uses river water for their pools. This is the 3rd year we have taken the kids there and they had fun as always swimming, looking for fish, ridding the train, and doing the paddle boats. I was brave enough to do the rope swing off the platform. First time I did it perfect, the next time, my hands slipped and I fell off too soon and landed on my face. It hurt pretty bad, but after 10 minutes I was fine. The next day though my neck was sore, Monday I went to the doctor and was treated for whiplash.. yes you read that correctly. 
Matt and Katherine being silly in the river
Beautiful day for a swim

Dad coming off the rope swing
Me coming off the rope swing the right way the 3rd time, I had to redeem myself after landing on my face
Ready for the choo choo train ride at Landa Park
Colin steering the boat while Matt and Katherine paddle
Katherine driving while Matt and I paddle, Colin is in the back looking at fish
Me & My dad at the Grapevine wine bar
Saturday night we went out to the historic town of Gruene (Green). We ate at the Gristmill, which is a restaurant that over looks the river in an old gristmill. Then we went to a wine bar that is a large lawn and had drinks while the kids played. It was a great evening with good food and even better company. Sunday we hung out for a little while in the morning before making the trip home. The park we camped at had lots of activities for the kids like a jumping pillow, game room, and pools.

Matt & my parents having drinks and listening to the band
Mom and the kids outside Gruene Hall, one of the oldest dance halls in Texas, still has regular concerts there every night over the summer

Katherine on the jumping pillow

Colin on the jumping pillow
Landa Park