Sunday, November 10, 2013

Where to EVEN Start???

Where to even start??? Guess that's what happens when I only update the blog once a month and we have BEEN busy!

Colin's Developmental Assessment
Colin had an appointment with the Heart Center to see where he is developmentally (both physically and academically). They have started tracking kids with a heart condition a little closer on this level. Colin tested on par for physically for a kid his age and a little above academically. He will go see them in a year to be tested again. What I loved about this appointment is he had breakfast before we left (4 white powdered donuts) and then when we got to the hospital early, he had a breakfast taco while we waited. He has been eating so good, after fighting and crying about food for 4 years, it is a blessing to have him WANT to eat. He has gained 5 pounds since he left the hospital and is 2 pounds more than what he was before surgery.

Matt and Jennifer's Day Of FUN, FOOTBALL, FOOD, and well Shots at 8:30am!
Matt and I went to the A&M vs Vanderbilt game at A&M the last weekend of October. It was an early game (11:30am) so we got up to College Station at 8:00am and well hit the bars for a little bit for "tailgating" before heading over to the game. It was a nice day for football, sunny and high of 70. The Aggies won and Matt and I went back to tailgate some more and ran into some old friends of his. It was a great day. We are looking forward to taking the kids next year to their first game, we think they will be old enough to sit for 3 hrs for football!

The kids of course had fun trick or treating with their friends. Katherine was a black cat and I was touched she asked me to dress up like her. I know one day, she will be "too embarrassed" for her mom to dress like her, so I really do treasure it now while she is young. Colin was a boxer which is so fitting because he is really a TRUE FIGHTER! Matt was his trainer.

Our pumpkins

Trip to Forth Worth

The first weekend of November we drove up to Fort Worth to spend the weekend with our friends. The kids loved seeing Keira and Liam again, the kids last saw them at the river for Katherine's birthday weekend. We had a great time visiting and going to the Natural Science Museum where the kids got to dig for dinosaur bones, lay on a bed of nails, create paper airplanes, and learn a lot about science. Before we left we got to visit with my aunt who recently moved to the area, it was a short visit but we get to see her again for Thanksgiving.

Other random things
- Katherine's troop earned their first badge. It is a lot of work being their troop leader, but to see Katherine's face when she puts on her vest and when she earned her badge, it is all work it.
- I am so blessed with having such sweet children. We were talking about Christmas coming up and Katherine said she liked Christmas because we make cookies and take them up to the hospital. They both got so excited that they wanted to make them right now to take to the people at the hospital. It was so touching that when they thought about Christmas, it wasn't about toys, it was about other people.

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