Sunday, December 8, 2013

A wonderful Thanksgiving break and a trip to the North Pole!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. The kids were off school for the whole week and I only had to work on Monday. Poor Matt had to work until half day Wednesday. My parents were in town for the week. Monday they took all 3 grand kids to the Natural Science Museum, the kids had so much fun, they spent 6 hrs there! 

Tuesday we took the kids down to Moody Gardens and went to the Rainforest, Aquarium, and a real funny 4D Ice Age Movie. I think everyone favorite part was the butterfly exhibit. 

Thursday we spent Thanksgiving at my brother's house. We had a full house of family, good food, wonderful deserts, and lots of laughter. Our family has so much to be thankful for this year. 

Katherine wasn't into taking a serious picture with me, so this is what I had to settle for
Come on guys, act like you love each other
My beautiful girl
Katherine, Kannon, and Colin making a wish on the wishbone. They were all so serious.
Friday we went and got our beautiful and fat Christmas tree and decorated it. One of my favorite things about Christmas, decorating the tree. The kids loved putting on the ornaments, of Matt and I had to go behind them and move them up since they were all on the bottom of the tree. Sunday we put up all the Christmas lights outside. It was hard for everyone on Monday to go back to school and work. But the week flew by pretty fast. This weekend we took a trip and ended up at the North Pole.. and look who we ran into! Today we went and saw Frozen, such a cute movie, the kids loved it! 

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sunshine said...

Your house is beautiful with the christmas lights! I always enjoy reading your blog---reminds me to count my blessings and enjoy each and every moment of life and to cherish all the simple things.