Monday, November 24, 2008

20 Weeks - Halfway there

This Saturday marked the halfway point in our pregnancy. 20 weeks down, 20 more to go!
Matt took some pictures this weekend, so everyone can see my belly. I started to show a lot sooner this time than with Katherine. But doctor says that's normal. I am on track with weight gain, right in the middle, so that's good. The baby is moving around a lot in there, but so far only I can feel him. I keep making Matt put his hand on my stomach and ask .. "did you feel that".. but he can't just yet. Katherine talks and kisses the baby, but some days still tells you she has a baby in her belly. Not sure what she thinks of it all yet, or how much she understands. Seger, our cat, was sitting in my lap this weekend, and Katherine told him to get off the baby!
Here are some pictures and of course Katherine had to get her picture taken too!


Russell said...

Ice cream and pickels time?

Kelly said...

you look great!! how do you stay so tiny when you're pregnant? i never quite learned how to do that. ;)