Monday, November 3, 2008

If Everyone Had an Afro

Saturday we went over to Russell's house to help build his fence that he lost to Ike. Well Matt went to help, while Katherine and I played. Russell had an Afro wig left over from a Halloween party he went to and Katherine loved making everyone put it on. The amazing thing is that BESIDES the picture of her, ALL the pictures were taken BY KATHERINE. She is going to be a photographer! At two, she is pretty handy with the digital camera.


Anonymous said...

Thanks jen for posting that pic one tired, aged grandma. On the positive side-for any doubters out there that two year old took these pics--she did. She is quite good with that camera--her dad of course should win the "If everyone had an afro prize". That pic is priceless.

Kelly said...

very funny! :) i can't believe kat took all those pictures...what a pro!

Russell said...

Too funny!