Monday, July 19, 2010

Day at the Beach

Saturday morning we got up early and headed down to Galveston to take the kids to the beach. You should have seen all the stuff we packed for short day trip, but with two kids, you seem to pack the whole house. We got down to the beach at 9:00am, and it was plenty warm enough already. Luckily it was a slight overcast, so it kept the temp down some.

This was Colin's first time to the beach, we have been taking them to the pool almost every weekend, but there is something so special about the beach, the ocean waves, and of course sand. Katherine and Colin had fun playing in the water, but mostly making sand castles, digging in the sand, and making "choc-co-lot-ta" as Katherine called it (sand and water in a bucket).

Matt always likes to look for seashells, Katherine usually will go with him, but she was too busy this time!
After a few hours at the beach, we headed to the seawall to go eat at The Spot. Colin got mad when we put him in the car, but he was sound asleep after 3 minutes, he slept through lunch, he missed a GREAT lunch.

Then we headed down to The Strand to visit a few shops and get ice cream at La Kings old fashion ice cream parlor. Katherine even got a new favorite toy.. A pink ukulele (she calls it her guitar). On the way back to the car, Katherine told us it was too hot to walk, she was right, it was now about 1:30pm and the sun was out in full force. Once we got to the car, the kids were both asleep before we left the island.

We stopped at Russell and Lara's on our way home to visit. Then home to unpack the car, take showers, and relax! We had a great day and we all were pretty tired!

Sunday we took it easy, did the grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and made my mom's famous spaghetti. Katherine AND Colin ate a huge plate, it was a very big hit last night. Katherine played her ukulele all day and made up songs to go with her beautiful music.

This weekend, Colin's food intake really increased! He is wanting bottles less and less, still not off of them yet, but he was drinking more of his milk out of his cup than his bottle this weekend. Sunday he finished his lunch and Matt had to go fix him more because he was still hungry. Katherine has taught Colin to say her favorite saying (and you can hear it pretty clear).. "I wanna snack". He will say it and either stand at the cabinet door or point to it. It's so great to see him eating like that. Anyone who has had or taken care of a baby with feeding issues knows what a blessing it is to watch them want to eat and not have to be forced. Something that most people take for granted with children, I know I did with Katherine.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I absolutely love the first picture of Colin about to give the water a good smack! He looks like he enjoyed his first trip to the beach. I completely understand how exciting it is when these babies appetites pick up! Aly has been eating a lot more lately too and I couldn't be happier about it. You all are so lucky to live so close to the ocean. I might need to start bugging Jeremy to move South. :) It would be so nice to just jump in the car and be at the beach by nine!

Jillian said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the pics :)