Monday, August 16, 2010

Beat the Heat

Now that we are in the hottest month, it's tough to find activities to do with the kids. They love outside so much, but it's just too darn hot.

Saturday we took a walk around the block at 8:00am to beat the heat. Colin pretty much walked the whole way, only had to carry him just a little bit.
So here are the things we do to beat to heat:

We go to Barnes & Nobles or as Katherine calls it, "The Library" to enjoy some books and the AC!
We play in the sprinkler after 7:00pm when it cools off, it's even too hot to wear pants :)

We have movie time, Katherine with her popcorn and Colin with his Gerber Crunchies
Real men eat pink donuts with sprinkles to beat the heat!
We play chase after a bath -- and sometimes pee on the carpet :)

This weekend we got Katherine a big girl booster seat for the car and Colin got out of his baby seat into Katherine's old seat. They both really liked the switch. It was about time! Saturday evening we took the kids to Matt's parents house so we could go to a party. It was great to have a night out with friends and have some good laughs, we really needed that. My dad was also in town this weekend from his work cleaning up the Gulf in Louisiana, so it was great spending some time with him. He will go back tomorrow.


Hope's Blog said...

It really is getting difficult to find creative stuff in this heat. I think we have tried everything...they still want to be outside!

Jenny Lincoln said...

AH! I thought it had been hot here this summer~ I can't imagine over 100 degrees! Crazy!! :)

MultiTaskingMom said...

I cannot believe how big she has gotten. She is just beautiful!!!