Monday, August 9, 2010

Whew.. What a weekend

Sometimes being at work is easier than being at home!
Thursday Matt had a discectomy. They had to shave down a bulging disc in his back that was pushing on his nerves making his leg and foot go numb at times. The doctor said it was one of the largest bulging disc he had ever seen. We spent Thursday night in the hospital and was released Friday morning. We weren't too impressed with our hospital stay. They told me I can stay overnight, showed me how the chair folded into a bed. So I drove home with Matt's mom, packed up the kids, went back to the hospital (30 minutes away), then went home a second time to take care of the animals for the evening/night, came back, then at 9:15pm the nurse came and told me I had to leave because visiting hours were OVER. I ended up talking to the charge nurse and she let me stay as long I didn't leave the room (where I was I going to go anyways at 10:00pm at night). Matt had a bad night nurse that put leads on him for no reason and just wanted even sure what was going on. We were very glad to be discharged the next day. Matt's parents were so great and kept the kids Thursday night and most of Friday.
Saturday we began the hot day with a water balloon fight! The kids ran me ragged on Saturday.. Man it is not easy when Matt can't lift a finger. These two can give you a run for your money! Saturday night we went to Russell & Lara's for Lara's birthday and to give Matt some piece and quite. We had cake and ice cream.. Yummy!

Sunday I got brave and took the kids to the zoo all by myself. I wanted to get the kids out of the house to burn off some energy and to give Matt some more piece and quite so he can rest and heal. I figure the faster I get him healed, the quicker he can help me with the kids! Katherine and Colin were so well behaved at the zoo. I normally would not go in August in Texas but they have a little splash pad water area, so we would go look at some animals, play in the water, go look at some more animals, get back in the water, and so forth. That way once we started getting hot, we would go cool off. We got there right when it opened at 9:00am and left right before noon, so it wasn't too hot YET! Colin was in the stroller part of the time and walking part of the time. Katherine had fun in the petting zoo, Colin wanted NO PART of touching the goats, he would talk and wave but NO TOUCHING! On the way home I asked Katherine what her favorite part of the zoo was and she said "Being with Colin"! How sweet is that! I am glad I have this written record for when she is 16 and he is 13!

Katherine was so great this weekend helping daddy! Since Matt can't bend over or lift anything, Katherine would reach and grab things for him that he needed. She was his little nurse and did such a great job at it. Colin now does NOT want you to feed him, I can do it myself. Matt had a banana and Colin wanted some, Matt pulled of a piece to hand to him and he got MAD. I had to get him his OWN so he could hold it, he ate half of it! I made cookies Friday night as a little treat for everyone, I broke of a piece for Colin and once again got mad, he wanted his own cookie, but hey who really wants to share chocolate chips cookies anyways!


Elaine said...

LOVE the banana picture! What a big boy...and Kat wanting to be with Colin is so sweet. I hope Lena Kate is as good a big sister one day :) Tell Matt I hope he recovers quick and painlessly. Yall take care.

Twingirls said...

Love Katherine's dress ... I expect it to come my way soon!