Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Colin Bake Sale,Rolling Blackouts, Ice Day, and Alligator Hunting

As you can tell from the title of this entry, last week was a busy and bizarre week.

First of all, we had a bake sale at work to benefit Team Colin in the It's My Heart Annual CHD Heart Walk. I have such wonderful co-workers that volunteered their time to bake and spend their money for a great cause. The Bake Sale brought in $340, which brings Team Colin to $2,000. My company is matching me up to my goal of $3,000.. So that REALLY brings us to $4,000! It's not too late to sign up to walk, they have waived the registration fee. To sign up please click here,

Wednesday the State of Texas had rolling blackouts due to the snow, ice, and freezing temps. After 3 blackouts at work, they sent us home. . I had a meeting in the semi-dark, we rolled up the window blinds to see. Not very productive that day. They were afraid of the servers crashing for good if they kept bringing them back up. So I worked half a day from home, which was nice. Katherine was all excited when I picked her up to tell me about "flashlight time" when the power would go off at school. Each blackout lasted anywhere from 15 mintues to an hour. It was an interesting day.

Thursday afternoon Houston was suppose to get a snow storm, so I had to get off work early to pick up the kids. Friday morning to our disappointment, we did not have snow, but we have a city covered in ice. I was able to work from home, but Matt had to go in for a little while. His normal drive of 20 minutes, took him 1 hr & 20 minutes. There were 750 car wrecks that morning in Houston, thank God Matt made it to work and home safely. I worked from home again.. I could get used to this :) Except for the kids interuppting me.. Colin got to talk on his first conference call.. Good thing my team thought it was cute.

Saturday once the ice melted and the temps warmed up, we were able to get out and get some errands done. Matt's parents came over and we went to a famers market to buy some fruits & veggies. Katherine pciked out broccolli because it's green and healthy for you ;) It was nice to get out of the house and have warmer weather (60 compared to the high of 32 we had for a few days).

Sunday was a beautiful day, high of 73 and sunny. We went with my brother and his family to Brazos Bend State Park, they are known for their alliagtors. We got to see three of them on our hike around the lake. We watched one gator eyeing some birds, we were hoping to see him wat them, but no luck. The sunshine felt so good. The kids had a great time running around since they have been couped up all week. We are southern people, we don't like winters of 32 degrees and ice. I live in the South for a reason, I actually like heat and hummity.. I am not one for cold. So spring hurry up and get here.. My kids NEED to be running around OUTSIDE and NOT destroying my house.

Looking for Gators
Katherine leading the way.. Run.. get that energy out!

Matt showing off his tree climbing skills

The kids following in daddy's footsteps

Gator sunbathing with some turtles

Look Blue Skies!

Russell, Kannon, and Colin watching the ducks

Colin throwing rocks.. Had to really watch him.. he is perfect size for Gator bait :0

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