Monday, January 31, 2011

Everyday should be a Picnic in the Park

Saturday we met up with Uncle Russell, Lara, and Kannon for a nice picnic at the park. The kids (and adults) got to play on the playground, take a walk out by the water, and have a nice picnic lunch that Russell made. Katherine and Colin had slide races, Katherine learned how to do the balance beam, and played on the swings.

We went to feed the ducks, but all we could find was geese, and they really didn't want the bread, but the catfish in the pond did and the seagulls. After a nice time at the park, we went and had ICE CREAM! Yummy. Katherine had to taste test everyone's ice cream to see what she liked the best. On the way home, Colin was found licking something other than ice cream.. HIS FEET.. EWWW (picture below).

Sunday Matt had to do a little work from home and it was raining, so I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. They of course had fun as always. For some reason it tires me out more than them! Later when the rain stopped we did some sidewalk chalk, and took Katherine to the mall for a little while.

It was a nice weekend with my family. I live for our weekends. :)

Ready, set, slide
Colin taking a "thinking" break
Katherine reflecting on her week at school :)
Katherine the awesome big sis
Colin, Katherine, and Kannon
Russell, Kannon, and Lara
She is just way too cool!
Katherine and I quote "Someone get this baby off me, he's heavy"!
So not sure what this was ALL about.. maybe some ice cream dripped there???


Jenny Lincoln said...

That is so funny! At first glance I thought in the picture of Katherine looking at the pond, that she was doing a yoga pose! haha! And Colin licking his foot.. how hilarious. Kids are so funny. Glad you had such a great weekend! :)

Elaine said...

I love your weekends too. I also love the pics of Matt and Katherine, he's obviously such a good Daddy! Kids are funny about the things they choose to lick...Lena Kate included! Take care and stay warm:) Also, glad to see Russell and his family so happy :)