Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whew... What a Weekend.

Once Monday comes, I wonder "What happened to our weekend, where did it go?". We seem to keep so busy it just flies by! Saturday morning, Katherine had her first soccer game of the spring season. Even though we don't keep score, Matt did and we won by a large amount. The team did great their first season back, all BUT Katherine were really into the game. Katherine was more interested in the lady bugs and flowers on the field. Her attention span for the actual game was non-existent. So interesting start to the season, hopefully she gets more interested in the actual game then spinning circles on the field. After the game, my parents watched the kids while Matt and I went to the Bayou City Arts Festival. It was a beautiful day to walk around and look interesting painting, glass and wood works, jewelry , and photography. I bought some pretty hand blown glass magnets, but we didn't buy any art pieces this time. But it was nice to get out and enjoy sometime with just Matt and I. Sunday we had a picnic at the park/playground with my family. The kids had fun running around and burning off all their energy, and boy they do have a lot! After a few hours at the park, we went home and rested for a FULL HOUR :), before heading off to a birthday party. Colin's friend Liam had his 2nd birthday party at in an indoor moonwalk place, the kids had so much fun running and bouncing around with their friends. Colin loved the big slide, but was unable to climb up it himself, so I got to carry him up each time. We would fly down the slide, then he would scream "AGAIN". Man I got a work out doing that. Katherine had a lot of fun, since a lot of her friends have brothers in Colin's class, they were all there too. After the party, we came home and grilled fajitas and the kids played in the backyard. It was my parents last night in town before heading off to start their life of traveling nomads. The kids are going to really miss them while they are gone. Katherine got used to having Grandma put her to bed, read her stories, and sleep with her.


Jenny Lincoln said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend! You have the most adorable kids!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jenny! Thinking of you and Aly so much!