Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cardiology Update

Today Colin had his 6 month cardiology appointment at Texas Children's Hospital. I'm excited to report that there has been no changes in his heart function, so he does not have to go back for 6 more months! Matt and I get so nervous before these appointments. We know that sometime between now and 5 years old, there will be a point where the cardiologist comes and tells us it's time. Colin also has a leaky value that if stays the same they are happy with, but if it's gets worse, they will have to operate on it BEFORE his next planned surgery. That always sits in the back of my mind.

BUT today, Colin's cardiologist said he looked and sounded great, that he was very pleased with how well Colin is doing. Colin is still on the small side, but is growing well, he just started off small. Colin has no restrictions on physical activity and his medicines stayed the same (1\2 tablet of aspirin and Enapril for blood pressure).

The plan is still the same concerning the 3rd and hopefully final surgery, they would like to wait until Colin is 4 0r even possibly 5 years old. As long as Colin's heart function stays strong, we will keep going back every 6 months for a check-up.

Colin loved playing in the waiting room, but once we got back for testing, he changed his tune! Colin would NOT let him get his blood pressure or do the EKG. The doctor was fine with it since he sounded so good. When we go back in 6 months, Colin will get a sedated echo (ultrasound).

This great news today makes it even better that we are celebrating Colin's 2nd birthday this weekend. What an amazing life this two year old has had!


sunshine said...

What good news...:)!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelvin said...

yeah it has to be reached all over the world .. thank you....