Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodbye Summer - a quick recap

Summer has come and gone, school has started, and fall is here. Memorial Day weekend begins the summer season and it's always sad to see it go with the end of Labor Day weekend. Though it's still warm here, Katherine is now is Kindergarten, fall soccer season is one week away, and the careless days of summer has passed by once again.

We had a great summer this year, even though the summer heat wave, drought, and work things prevented some of our summer plans, we still got to do a good amount.

Here is a just a quick recap of highlights from fun filled summer:
- 8 trips to the beach.. Yes we love the beach..
- 4 trip to the splash pad/pool - notice a trend with the water activites.. Heat wave!
- 3 weekend trips (1 to New Braunfuls and 2 to Corpus Christi)
- 3 birthday parties (including Katherine's 5th birthday)
- 2 train rides
- 2 trips to the zoo
- 1 cave exploring adventure
- 1 trip to a Aquarium
- 1 trip to the Children's Museum
- 1 ferry ride
- 1 movie in the park
- 1 slumber party
- 1 paddle boat ride

Also countless ice cream cones, playing in the sprinkler, water balloon and water gun fights, family movie nights, Katherine's field trips with her summer camp, play dates with friends, time spent with family, coloring, summer craft projects, and complaining about the heat and no rain.

It was a great summer and I am very excited to see what fall brings us.

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