Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Month in Review - September: Trip to A&M, 3 soccer goals, lots of birthdays, and big 2 year milestone!

Okay, so it has been awhile since my last update. Things have been pretty busy. I usually update on a week basis, sorry this is for the whole month of September.

So far this September:
- My parents are home from traveling for a little while. They were gone 5 straight months on their tour of the west coast and Colorado.. Oh the ways of retired lives. We are all very excited to have them home for awhile before they go on their next adventures.

- My nephew Kannon turned 1 years old! He is getting so big. They threw a nice party where they turned the whole back yard into a splash area. Of course my kids LOVED it and had some much fun. Katherine was "flirting" with the older boys, chasing them around. Kannon got LOTS of fun things for his birthday, and of course really LOVED his cake.

- The next weekend Katherine had her very first soccer game of this season. She has really improved this year. Came close to scoring a goal. That day (Sept. 17) also marked my dad's birthday, so we had a bbq for him AND it marked two years since Colin's last open heart surgery, even more reason to celebrate. We have gone two years without any intervention to his heart. AMAZING!
- This past weekend we had tickets to the A&M vs Oklahoma State football game. Me, Matt, my dad, my brother (which it was his birthday), his wife, her dad, Matt's best friend, and his two friends all went up to Texas A&M to enjoy in some college football, and of course a little bit of drinking. Hanging out in a shot bar before sitting out in the hot sun for football… that's what it is all about :)

- Katherine stayed with my mom and went to her soccer game.. CAN you believe the game we missed, she SCORED THREE GOALS! Yeah. They spent the rest of the day swimming and hanging out. Colin was at Matt's parents and went to visit the cows at the AG barn. Colin was asking where sissy was while they spent the day apart, no for me :). September has been a busy and very fun month. Ready for some cooler weather as we are still in a drought and breaking record temps. We have been swimming a few times this month trying to cool off. October and cooler weather is hopefully right around the corner. We already have lots of fun things in store for October!
ME & MATT BEFORE THE A&M GAME (Fitzwilly's Bar)
ME & MY DAD, Getting ready for the A&M game (shot bar)

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