Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday trip to the river.. Don't drink the river water

View of the river and pool from our balcony
This weekend we took a trip with another family to the river about 3 hrs away. It was a great weekend with family and friends AND was my birthday as well. What a great way to spend a birthday then relaxing in the river and enjoying a nice getaway. Keep reading to find out why NEVER to drink river water!!

We arrived Saturday late afternoon and swam at the pool. Colin was the big hit of the day. He made friends with some ladies (I think they were mid 20's). He was flirting BIG time and had their whole group (even the men) mesmerized with him. One of the guys said the Colin had more "game" then any guy he knows. Colin was playing cute for his crowd! Katherine was so excited to have her friends with us, the girls were off swimming and making friends as well (their own age though)!

That night we went and had a great BBQ dinner and the hotel had a live band in the courtyard, so we sat out on our balcony and had some drinks and listened to music. 
Sunday for my birthday, we went to another section of the river that was a little more shallow than the section of the river behind the hotel. This way the kids could play more in the water and swim. It was the perfect set up, deep enough to swim, but shallow enough for the girls to stand up and for us to put our chairs in the water and relax! We spent pretty much all day on the river, the kids had fun going down the tubes on little chute and well Colin tainted the river water. Before we left, he asked if he could pee in the river.. not sure why a 3 year old would ask that, but Matt told him yes. Well I just happened to catch him in the act. He thought no one was watching!

That evening we went into Gruene for dinner and drinks. And back to the hotel to hang out on the patio and enjoy the evening. We took the kids down to the river to watch the fish jump at night. It was a very nice birthday. I am glad I got to share it with some great friends, my family, and of course the wine!
Our view for my birthday!

Matt and Katherine on the river
Katherine and Olivia
When you got to go, you got to go!

Katherine "tubing" down the river

Matt and Colin just chillin on the river!
The river behind our hotel
The kids playing in Gruene while we enjoyed some wine


SunSonSunshine said...

Looks like a great weekend

SunSonSunshine said...

Looks like a geat weekend