Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's been going on?

This past weekend Matt had to work Friday evening and most of Saturday. Colin and I went to  sweated at Katherine's t-ball game Saturday morning.. never again will we do an outside summer sport in Texas!
Katherine getting the sportsmanship medal the week before.
Our friends came to visit from Fort Worth area, so Saturday evening we went to another families house for hot dogs, burgers, a beautiful trifle I made (yes I am modest) and drinks.. lots of drinks.. too many drinks. Matt has been stockpiling Summer Shandy beer as it's seasonal and wont be around too much longer. Luckily for me, he decided to share some of his stash with our friends.
Matt's stockpile.. 8 cases of beer. not including what was in our fridge
My dessert I made
It was a late night. They also let all the girls spend the night, so they had a full house all evening and night. The next day, our house was pretty much worthless! Talk about a relaxing Sunday!

Just a few of the bottles, a lot were in the recycling bin
So OTHER THINGS going on in our house:
- Colin has a pre-surgery consultation with his surgeon August 22. We are still looking at Spring 2013 for his Fontan, this appointment with discuss the next steps and will go over the actual surgery.
- Colin is counting to 13 solid, and can count to 19.. but 14-19 gets a little jumbled
- Colin knows his ABC's and sings them well, when not being paid attention to.. once you ask him, he won't preform
- Colin is doing well tracing his letters 
- Katherine is doing great with t-ball.. she mostly hits off the coach and does not even need the tee.
- Katherine is growing up so fast, wow so far I see a difference in maturity from 5 to 6.. Sometimes not always a good thing. 
- Katherine starts 1st grade at the end of the month, meet the teacher is August 23. I hope her 1st grade one is as great as her kindergarten teacher.. we loved her!!
- Katherine loves her music, she loves to turn up her cd player in her room and sing and dance
- Katherine starts soccer back up in September, so we have a month between when t-ball ends and soccer begins.
- We have tried to get the kids interested in the summer Olympics.. but no luck on that
- They both are so funny... they are always making us laugh! 

So we have just a few more weeks of summer left, we are looking at one more road trip and a couple more trips to the beach. Ready for some cooler weather to he'd our way, but that won't be until late September. 


sunshine said...

Always a busy household:)

Jenny said...

Glad you guys are having a great summer! :) :)