Monday, December 17, 2012

A time for family

This weekend was time for family. A quite weekend at home to be thankful that our kids came home safe from school on Friday, it's a sad time in our country that was not the case for 20 kids that are Katherine's age. I cried hearing the news, I must admit, I am much more sensitive to these stories since becoming a parent, becoming a parent that quite often has to hear of children dying a young age, becoming a parent that struggles with her son's own chances of mortality. As a family, we fight hard to make sure Colin lives and is thriving, it hurts to see someone take that chance away from any child. It's not fair that the decision of that child to live or die is at the hands of a stranger.

I shielded the news from Katherine; I want her to remain innocent for however long she can. She has had to struggle with issues most kids her age have not, she is so sensitive to death that I thought best to let her live in the happy world she knows. I am aware though she might hear the news from others and I will have to explain. I didn't want to send her off to school today worried about dying, worried about guns, I just want her to worry about what Santa is bringing her for Christmas. I want her to be excited that today was super hero day at school not if she is protected from the bad guys for real.I wanted her to be excited about turning in her Santa project that we made over the weekend. I want her to remain a 6 year old.

So Friday night we let the kids stay up a little later, so we could play longer. Gave extra kisses and hugs and said "I love you" even more. I prayed for the families that lost their little ones and the families of the adults who tried to save them as well. Saturday all four of us wrapped Christmas presents together, we sang Christmas carols, watched a Christmas movie, even did a little Christmas shopping. Sunday we made "castles" out of blankets, we got bugs with our new bug catcher, we sang more Christmas carols, and watched another Christmas movie. We even made our annual Gingerbread house, which due to my lack of great construction skills, fell apart.. but the kids enjoyed it even more because now it's wasn't just a decoration, it was a treat to be EATEN!

This weekend was to heal my soul and heart that was hurting. It was a time to go back to the basics as a family and just enjoy each others company. To be happy in the blessing that we have each other. Our country is morning the 20 kids that lost their lives while learning in a place that they should feel safe. I took this weekend to rejoice in my kids and feel pain for those who are not able to do the same. This weekend was time for my family and time for us to spend getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Naughty elf got into the wrapping paper, too bad he didn't wrap the presents for us
Katherine's Santa project. She wanted him to have a dress, I questioned if she was sure and she said "yes like a kilt". Me working for a Scottish company has had some influence on her.
Katherine proud of the bug they caught. They love their new toy, it's like a bug vacuum suction gun
Looking for more bugs
Mom look at this one
Playing in our castle, I got stuck in there
Our elf had a date night with Barbie
Gingerbread house
Oh no, it fell over, oh well, let's eat it.
Katherine for Super Hero day.. LOVE her Girl Power Superhero shirt.

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sunshine said...

As an ex teacher, mother, and grandparent, the news from the weekend shook my soul and troubled my heart. Everyday life will never be the same after that event. Your weekend activities were the best medicine though.