Thursday, January 3, 2013

We had a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW Years

Christmas Day
We had a wonderful Christmas Break. I was able to take off 2 weeks with the kids and Matt was off on and off, wish he could have been home the whole time with us. Katherine got out of school early on the 21st, so went to the mall and had her nails painted red and green for Christmas.

Saturday the 22nd my mom came over and helped us bake over 100 Christmas cookies. We kept some but dropped most of the off at Texas Children's Hospital on the heart floor and one of the Ronald McDonald family lounges. I love baking and decorating cookies with the kids, but it feels even better doing it for such a great place as the hospital. It's hard imaging spending the holidays there, so we try to spread some Christmas cheer to those who are not spending Christmas at home.

My favorite activity.. making Christmas cookies with the kids!!! They had so much fun, we made over 100 cookies.

We delivered over 100 Christmas cookies to Texas Children's Hospital

 We had a great Christmas eve and Christmas day with our families. The kids got LOTS of new toys to play with. Santa was good to them this year J Both Katherine and Colin got a LeapPad2 and LOVE THEM!  We already have had to replace the batteries within 3 days.

We had fun playing with our new toys and going on some outings (movies, Chuck-E-Cheese, indoor moonwalk bounce house).

Then it was already time to ring in the New Year. Can't believe we had to say good-bye to 2012, it was a great year with lots of fun family time! I am excited to see what 2013 has in store for us but in a way I am scared.. I know 2013 brings a big challenge, Colin's 3rd and hopefully last open heart surgery. We have to hit our weight goal for the surgery, we need to keep him and the whole family healthy, and this will mean slowing down our active lifestyle some (which might be hard for us). A few weeks before surgery, we have to pull Colin out of school and he will have to remain out of school for about 2 months post-surgery, so for about 3-4 months this year, we will be at home protecting Colin from germs that could be bad for him.

BUT with 2013 brings HOPE that my son will have more energy, that he will be able to grow, and be a normal little boy. This will not fix him, but it will help his body out so much. 2013 also brings a BIG celebration.. OUR TEN YEAR wedding anniversary.. no plans just yet as we are waiting to see when Colin's surgery will be.

Took lots of pictures of course over the last 2 weeks. We did get to have lots of fun, now back to real life. I am back to work and the kids go back to school next week.

Christmas Eve
Matt and Katherine
He wanted a mohawke for Christmas Eve
Love my silly girl
We "mustache" you a question. My mother in law got these for Christmas Eve, they were a BIG hit!
Opening presents Christmas morning
Katherine wanted to dress in her cowgirl gear to ring in the New Year
Smoke bombs and sparklers to ring in the NEW YEAR
They ALMOST made it to midnight, they crashed at 11:45pm.
Right after Christmas, it got really cold here, so we had lots of fun inside making forts, playing with our new toys, doing science experiments, and making cake pops
We also got out of the house and went to see a movie, went to an indoor moonwalk bounce house, rode a mechanical bull & played air hokey, and went to Chuck-E-Cheese

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