Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend on the water - Rockport, TX

Another installment of our Summer in 1 month.. We got to spend the weekend at a gorgeous house surrounded by water (the front of the house was the bay and the back of the house was on a canal.) Thank you to Matt's parents who rented such wonderful place to play, relax, and have fun. 

The weekend was filled with fishing, the beach, swimming in the canal, but most important.. time spent with our family. The kids LOVED all the fishing! Colin practiced casting for 30 minute on his own and then caught a fish all on his own, no help reeling it in. I have never seen him so concentrated on anything before. He was determined to catch a fish all by himself without any help and he DID! Katherine caught about 4 fish all on her own!

The kids had fun at the beach until we noticed the JELLYFISH invasion..OH NO! Luckily the kids did not get stung.. but I did :). Not too bad though. 

I liked chilling in the canal on my float the most. That was just my speed. It was tough when Monday came and we had to pack up the house and leave. It was just a great location to hang out and just relax.. we need relaxation at this moment in our lives. 


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