Monday, July 8, 2013

Colin's Last Hooray/Katherine's Birthday on the river/End of Summer Trip

For Katherine's 7th Birthday and Colin's last weekend to be around people before surgery, we went on a trip with 5 other families to the river. We rented beautiful condos that were right on the river and they also had 2 swimming pools and a big lawn to play on. We are so lucky to have this weekend full of fun family memories with our friends. It was nice before all the craziness of surgery to just sit back and relax on the river. This was the perfect way to end of "SUMMER IN ONE MONTH". In 6 weeks, we completed 5 trips. It was sure busy but WELL worth it, now with just about a week until surgery, we are having quite family time preparing. 

Saturday we got up really early and make the 3 hr drive to get into town just as Landa Park was about to open. Colin LOVED the water slide and must have went up it about 100 times, for 3 straight hours he just went up and down, up and down, over and over again. There is no way ANYONE would be able to tell this kid was just 2 weeks out for a MAJOR OPEN HEART SURGERY. This boy amazes me everyday!

Katherine had a blast swimming with her friends and trying to catch the tadpoles.  The park uses the Comal river water (which is spring fed and is a constant 72 degrees), good thing the water was so cold since there was a heat wave that day, it reached 102!!! After a day of swimming, water slides, playgrounds, and a picnic on the river, we all went back to the condos and swam at the pool and BBQ'ed on the grill on the lawn. The kids had fun at nightfall when the fireflies came out. 

Sunday a very special young lady turned 7 years old! How 7 years flies by so fast. We love this little girl more than anything, she has a heart of gold, she is smart, beautiful, creative, sassy, and is the best daughter and big sister EVER!! We had a birthday party in the condo then headed out for the best party ever, a day on the Guadalupe River!! Katherine has already requested her birthday next year be on the river too!!

Katherine and her girlfriends had such a fun weekend. Katherine has had this group of friends since turning 2 years old, 5 years later they are in her words her "BFFs"!

Colin, my dare devil, spent the day floating down the rapids. Anyone he would find to take him down, he was right there in the tube waiting to do the rapids "AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN".

Of course me and the girls loved the rapids as well. I think I could float the river everyday. There is something so peaceful and calming about that place. That's where we plan to retire one day. I wish I could convince my work that we need a satellite office by the river. 

Katherine and Rylie coming down the rapids
Of course everyone had fun exploring and playing on the river, having splashing fights.
Colin and Kannon "rock climbing" on the river
Colin and my parents just chilling on the river
Aunt Lara, Uncle Russell, and Kannon hanging out
Katherine splashing Matt

Sunday night for Katherine's birthday, all 23 of us, went to dinner in the Historic town of Gruene (Green) for dinner at the Gristmill and drinks at the Grapevine wine bar.

The Guadalupe River behind our condo
Nature at it's best


Amy Bennett said...

Wow! All these pics are so fantastic! I'm so impressed that Colin was able to go up and down like that, over and over - Bodie would have been so out of breath!!! Praying for you guys as we all head into the Fontan! xo

Jennifer said...

Thanks Amy! Sending much love and prayers for Bodie as well!!