Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st road trip since surgery and we all needed it!

This past weekend we had a fun family road trip to the lake. It was our first vacation since Colin went on lockdown before surgery which was July 1. It has been a long 2.5 months with lots of stress so what better way to relieve all those emotions than taking a relaxing and fun trip to Lake Travis in Austin TX. We went with my parents and my brother and his family to celebrate both my dad's and my brother's birthday. We all had lots of fun and great family memories that will last a lifetime. 
Colin had a blast on the lake riding the tube, fishing, exploring the island, and driving the boat. His face in the picture above is worth all the tears, the hurt, the stress, the nights at the hospital, the pain of the last 3 months. He had so much fun, so much energy, look at that smile! Kids are resilient, Colin is super resilient, and he is teaching me to let go of some of the hurt from the past couple of months. To go back to smiling and laughing, hopefully this is all behind us now.
I am so proud of Katherine for getting past her fear on getting on the tube and getting out there to try it. Once she got on, she found out how much she liked it. She had so much fun playing in the water, hunting for clam shells on the island, driving the boat, and hiking on Sunday. She has been through so much this summer, I am so glad she had the chance to go play and let that stress just melt away.

I will let the rest of the picture show how much fun we had on our trip. 
Colin and grandma searching the island for pirate treasures
My little fish splashing around
Colin loved just standing on the shore throwing rocks
The lake levels are so low because of the drought in the hill country. But we had fun
Katherine, Kannon, and Colin exploring the island. This was all covered by water until the drought. 
My dad chilling on the boat, it was his birthday present from my afternoon on a boat with the family
Colin trying to catch the big one, he LOVES to fish
My dad and me were the first to give the tube a try
Then Matt got on it and was a stud :) 
Then my brother took it to a whole other level 
Katherine getting a driving lesson from daddy
Colin driving the boat pulling Matt and Katherine behind him.. who are the CRAZY people who let the 4 year old drive???
Kannon and Colin admiring the view from our hike on Sunday
It was a gorgeous day 
There were lots of sailboats on the lake that day
Our hike on Sunday
A view about halfway up the hike
A nice glass of wine in the country is what this mamma needed after this hectic summer

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