Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 off to a fun and sunny start... Winter stay away!!

I am NO fan of winter at all! Cold weather and I are NOT friends. Guess that's why I live in the South and will stay there! But even here in the South, we have had some COLD weather, so we have really enjoyed the last 2 weekends with weather in the 70's and sunny. We have been soaking it all up and took our first road trips of 2014!!

Two weekends ago, we spent Saturday going through trails at the Houston Arboretum, going out to a nice lunch, and of course jumping on the trampoline. Sunday we took the kids up to Texas A&M, Katherine's idea. I am so thrilled that Katherine takes such a big interest in college, she thinks it is really cool to walk the campus. I hope this enthusiasm continues for the next 10 years!!
The kids with a big stuffed Reveille (the A&M Mascot)
Katherine's new friend, an A&M sock monkey
This weekend we took advantage of a 3 day weekend and went to Austin with my brother and his family. Saturday started off with a beautiful hike that went up 500 ft elevation gain up a hillside. It was a beautiful view up top. I was so impressed with the kids hiking it up with no help, especially Colin.. that hike would NOT have been possible for him 6 months ago! He did it all by himself with plenty of energy left over!
Colin was so happy to make it up ALL by himself! 
Brownies can do ANYTHING!
Matt was excited too.. he is a trooper.. he did all this while recovering from  strep throat!

After the hike, we went back to the house and played in the water in the creek bed. Austin has been going through a horrible drought, so it was nice that there was water even if it wasn't a lot. But it was enough for the kids to have fun and float down a small rapid in an inflatable boat.  

Sunday we got up and drove to Gruene (another one of Katherine's ideas) to eat by the river, shop, do a little wine tasting, and stock up on some wine. It was a gorgeous day.. sunny and 75 degrees. There was lots of people walking around the historic downtown and enjoying the springtime weather... winter can just stay away in my book! We have too much fun when it is NOT cold.

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