Monday, February 10, 2014

Overwhelming support for CHD's and some odds and ends

Friday was the kick off for Congenital Heart Awareness week. I had asked everyone to wear red in honor of Colin and all his heart buddies and post to my Facebook page so Colin could see all his wonderful supporters.

I was overwhelmed by the amazing response we got with friends, family, Colin's school, and friends of friends. It is hard to describe how touching it was to see how many people care about our little hero!

Other odds and ends.. since my last post I told winter to stay away.. well it did the opposite.. it has been so cold, we have had a couple of ice days where school was canceled. The kids did have fun on the 1st ice day with jumping on the trampoline and breaking the sheets of ice.. the closest we will to get snow here!

Winter sass!
I love that these pictures were taken only 4 days apart.. short on Monday and 75 degrees then 32 degrees on Friday with ice
 We went to a roller skating party a couple of weekends ago and the kids had so much fun! Colin at first was not having it but after seeing Katherine, me, and all his other friends skating, he gave it a try and LOVED it! It was a very fun family activity, we will be going back and doing more skating! 

Not sure what Katherine is looking up at
I was very proud of our Girl Scout troop! For our community project the girls decided to pick up trash at a local park to help make it more beautiful. They enjoyed it so much, they were racing to pick up the trash as it was an Easter egg hunt. Katherine did a great job (well Mom & Dad) preselling GS cookies, she (we) sold almost 200 boxes in the presale!

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