Sunday, June 28, 2009

Colin's Cardaic Visit

Colin has to go the his cardoligist team once every three weeks, he went this past Friday and had a great visit. His chest x-ray looks good and they are happy with his weight gain. He is now up to drinking three ounces at a time. It is hard for him to drink a lot at once since his heart has to work overtime, he gets tired easily. But he is gaining as much as a normal baby would.
His reflux is now mostly under control since they upped his medicine.
He goes back on July 17 and will have an echo done so they can take a good look at how his heart is functioning. He will have to be sedated for this one, since last time he was real squirmy.
His next surgery is still tentative for mid August to mid September.
After the echo in a couple of weeks, he will either have an MRI or a heart cath depending on the outcome of the echo. This is the next step before surgery. Both has the same result (to get a better idea about what needs to be done at the next surgery), but the MRI is less invasive, so we are hoping for that.
He is cooing and talking a lot. He is a very happy baby, as if he knows nothing of what is happening to him. His eyes light up when Katherine comes in the room. He sleeps through most of the night. I have to wake him up at 2:00am for a bottle (since he has a hard time drinking a lot at once, we still need one night bottle). But he goes to sleep from 9pm - 2am, then again from 3am - 6:30am.
He loves his fingers more than a pacifier!

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