Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colin's Hospital Stay

When we left the hospital a month ago, the nurses told us not to be surprised if we have to check back in before his next surgery. Last week Colin was real fussy during his feeds and was spitting up large amounts. We weren't sure why, but had a lot of guesses.. 1) Matt and Katherine had a little stomach bug 2) He got his 2 month vaccinations and maybe that upset his tummy 3) His acid reflux was flared up.
When we called the Cardiac clinic, they wanted him to come in. His oxygen levels were a little low, so they gave him some oxygen and admitted us for observation. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. It turned out to be reflux. So they doubled the dose of his reflux medicine. The old prescription was based on a lower weight, and he has gained a lot of weight lately.
Thank god it was nothing serious, but because of Colin's heart condition, when he isn't "being himself", they want to make sure that it is normal baby stuff and not his heart.
Everything with his heart checked out fine. We are glad to be home! AGAIN!

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Lisha said...

Thank goodness he is ok!