Monday, June 29, 2009

Katherine's 3rd Birthday Party

Katherine had her 3rd birthday party this past Saturday. It was a princess theme party with a castle moonwalk (thank you Uncle Russell). Katherine had 10 friends from school come over to enjoy the moonwalk, bubbles, cake, & ice cream, and presents.
All the kids had a blast, except for a few tears over who was playing with what toys!
Colin had to be banished into our room away from guest. Matt's parents were very nice and watched Colin in our room, while the party went on. After everyone left we sanitized the whole house before he was let back out again.
Katherine had a beautiful cake fit for a princess! Even on Monday morning, she was telling me how pretty her cake was.
She most enjoyed the moonwalk or "bouncy" as she calls it. She was very upset when she woke up from her nap that evening and the "bouncy" man took it away. She got to play on it for hours, she would have stayed on it all day, but when it go to be 100 degrees, she told me it was too hot to bounce!
Katherine got a lot of great gifts, she played with them ALL day on Sunday!

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