Monday, October 5, 2009

6 months old, an Aggie Family,and the BEST Katherine video!

Saturday Colin turned 6 months old! He can sit for himself about a minute or two now. We started BABY FOOD! He is doing well with it, this morning he got cereal with bananas, for lunch some more bananas, and tonight is carrots with his evening bottle. He now weights about 14 pounds... still behind but catching up. Chatting up a storm, we thought one night he was close to saying dada, but maybe it was just our imaginations. He is somewhat waving at people.

Saturday we the first time this season the Aggies were televised.. we were ALL marooned out.. but it didn't help the Ags! But Katherine all day and night was very excited about our AGGIE PARTY! Matt's parents and my mom came over for ribs, smoked stuffed jalapenos, and cupcakes! At least we had fun!
Sunday it rained non stop most the day, so we played a lot in the play room! Once it stopped raining, Katherine, Mocha, and I went for a walk (well really a run, Katherine ran most the way). She didn't nap, like most weekends she skips naps, but she started falling asleep eating. In the video you will see how funny it was. Sad thing is, the food on her plate in the video was all gone in the end!




Wayne B. said...

Seriously, o.k. I may be biased, that should be a top-hit video. So funny.

Brenda said...

I love it! Katherine is too funny!

Elaine said...

That was hilarious! Soo sweet. Love the pic of them sleeping too.