Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BIG NEWS……. Colin said his first words on Thursday night! Of course it was dada, Katherine’s first word as well. So all Friday through now, he says it once then 1,000 times in a row. Katherine loves that he is now talking, she worked hard on getting him to say that, but I attribute it to the grandpas who are home with him everyday, I know they have been working hard on his first words and everything else at that!

Friday: I stayed home from work. Felt pretty bad, afraid it was the flu, but it is a viral infection in my chest, been fighting it all weekend and still fighting some today. Friday night Katherine stayed with my parents while I got to rest up and Matt watched Colin. Man one kid is easy! Forgot how quite and easy a baby is compared to a baby AND a three yr old!

Saturday: I spent most the weekend indoors, did take Katherine and Colin for a walk on Saturday just to stretch my legs. It was a beautiful day! Colin rode face first in the stroller for the first time and loved it. Katherine led the way for us.

Colin gained weight this week, but just a little below what they would like for it to be. His feeding is still a daily struggle for all who have to watch him. We are waiting an appointment with a GI doctor, but they are backlogged so it will still be a couple of weeks. I talked to the nurse practioner today and we are taking Colin off a feeding schedule and are going to try to feed him when he is hungry and not try to force him to eat at certain intervals. We will see if this mixed in with solids doesn’t pick up his appetite and weight. Colin and our cat Seager weight the same (a little over 14 pounds), Colin is a little small for his age but Seager is just FAT!

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