Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last night Katherine had Colin laughing hysterical.
If you didn’t believe in miracles, you should now. Remember all that this baby has been through in 6 months… 2 open heart surgeries (a total of 16 hrs long), another surgery to go back in and drain fluids in his chest, 51 days in a hospital (26 of those in NICU or CVICU), severe reflux (4 different kinds of formula), countless x-rays, EKG’s, ECHO’s , and round the clock medicines.
And yet, he is so happy in life! He loves his big sister with all his heart! If he can laugh this much everyday, we all should be able to! He is our miracle and will continue to be!


Elaine said...

LOVE it! Sweet sibling love is awesome!

Lisha said...

i love it!!

Kelly said...

How sweet! I love hearing baby giggles. :) What a happy little boy!!