Monday, November 16, 2009

Corpus Christi - OUR first family trip

Corpus Christi Bay

Matt and Katherine on the pier

We finally did it, all four of us went on our first family trip!

We went to Corpus to visit Matt’s grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins. I was very worried about a 3 ½ hr drive with a three year old and 7 month old, who has not spent much time in a car besides doctor visits. But they both did really well, both of them slept most the way there and Colin slept all the way back.
We got there Friday late afternoon and just hung out at the hotel. Katherine LOVED the glass elevators in the hotel. She requested to ride them a lot.

Saturday we took the kids to a real nice park on the seawall, to get some of Katherine’s energy out before going to great grandma & grandpa’s house. The park had a huge wooden castle with lots of turns and twists, it was very cool. I tried to take a lot of pictures but Katherine put her hand up to me and said “no pictures please” like the little star she is. We also took a nice walk out on the pier.

We went to Matt’s grandparents house next, they have not got to seen Colin since he was born. So it was a real blessing that they got to spend some time with the kids.

After that we went to his aunt & uncle’s house. We played a lot with matt’s cousin’s two year old. Matt’s uncle is a fireman, so Katherine got to go to the firehouse and “drive” the fire truck and rescue boat. Colin showed everyone what it is really like to have a baby with serve acid reflux.. yep, it’s was ONE of THOSE days! He would drink all 6 ozs of his bottle, but about 2 hours later, he would give a shower to whoever was holding him. Of course Sunday we had NO reflux issues :)

Sunday we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. A little boy wanted to touch Colin and Bill told him he couldn’t because he was sick. In which Katherine turned around and said “Hey.. Boy.. my brother’s not sick he just has a bo-bo, that’s all!” She is SUCH a character.

We had a very nice trip! I realized that we had not left town for a whole YEAR! We went camping last November when I was 5 months pregnant with Colin. So we were really due for some time out of town!

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