Monday, November 23, 2009

A Time to be Thankful

We are hosting my family for Thanksgiving, then Friday we are going to Matt’s parents for a celebration. We HAVE SO much to be Thankful for this year. I could write all day about the things we are thankful for but I will keep it brief:

- Two very beautiful, happy, and healthy children (yes I consider Colin healthy for all he has gone through, there are so many babies that have it a lot harder!)
- My wonderful husband who has been my rock this year, we have known it each for 10 years, and he still amazes me
- Our amazing family that have pitched in SO much to help out with Colin, Katherine, and our pets (can’t forget them!)
- Great friends that have been there in the dark times
- The outstanding neonatologist at The Woman’s Hospital that caught Colin’s heart condition before they sent us home. He would only have survived a couple of days
- The whole cardiology team at Texas Children’s for giving Colin the chance to smile and laugh everyday.
- Since we did not know about Colin’s condition, we are very lucky that we only live 15 minutes from the #3 hospital in the nation for children’s heart surgeries.
- An amazing three year old that is so smart and well behaved, she has been such a trooper through this.
- The love between Katherine and Colin, they are amazing together!
- Katherine’s silliness and her vivid imagination.. and even her sass!
- The support of my fellow heart moms
- The support of our companies… especially my insurance coverage!
- Katherine being fully potty trained! This time last yr, she wasn’t, it’s the simple things that can make you happy.
- A home filled with laughter, love, hope, appreciation, understanding, dress-up, toys (lots of them), bedtime stories and kisses, and hugs!
- I am thankful for everyday I wake up with my family, that I am the mother of these two amazing kids, and that I have a husband that loves me unconditionally.
- I am thankful for every second that I get to spend with the people in my life as nothing is a guarantee and we must make the most out of each day.
- That reflux IS SUPPOSE to taper off about 8-9 months... please!

As I said earlier, I could write a book on our blessings this year. Yes, life threw us for a loop, but we are stronger for that. We have a beautiful family and are lucky in everyday we get to share with each other. I believe there is a reason why we were blessed with two very special children!

We weighed Colin for the first time in two weeks, so much less stressful than doing it everyday! He has gained 10 ounces in the past two weeks, which an average baby at this age gains about 8 ounces in two weeks.. we are catching up slowly! At his pediatrician appointment the other week, they put his height and weight in the 10-15%! We were at or below 5%, so he is growing.
Pictures for the week:

Katherine climbing at the park

Happy as always, Katherine took this picture

Say Cheese

You're making me laugh so hard I spit up: This is actually a little spit up but mostly drool from teething

Katherine's new friendsShowing us what she learned in tumbling class

Attempting to tumble


Lisha said...

Amen to being thankful!! I teared up reading it!! What a beautiful, happy, healthy family!!

Twingirls said...

Your family is so awesome and the last picture is great! You look 21!!!!