Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat
Katherine loves to hold Colin

Happy Halloween
Sleeping Beauty
Gig'Em Aggies

Friday October 30 – Katherine had her Halloween party at school. We made cupcakes the night before, well I made cupcakes, Katherine ate a lot of batter! She wanted to wear her sleeping beauty costume to school but I didn’t want it to get messed up, so I let her wear some of her dress up fairy clothes. She came home with lots of goodies!
Friday night, Colin and I watched Matt and Katherine carve the pumpkin. Katherine is GREAT at cleaning out the pumpkin and Matt carved it.

Saturday October 31.. Halloween – The whole day was filled with anticipation of the trick or treating to come. We were going to Matt’s parents about 4:30pm, so all day Katherine was on the edge of her seat .. when are we going mommy??? Finally the time came, and we packed everything, two kids have a lot of stuff! We had a nice dinner with Matt’s family, then we got to go trick-or-treating. Colin stayed at the house with grandma, grandpa, and Brian while me, Matt, Katherine, Morgan, Tyler, and Robin went trick or treating.

Katherine had no fear walking up to houses, only one was too scary, it had smoke coming out of it. She was really good about saying “Trick-or-treat”, “Please”, and “Thank you”! Katherine loved talking to other little kids, she tried to join other groups. She was really nice and kept shouting to other people.. “I love your costume”. She was fascinated with a little girl who was a mermaid. Matt and I decided next year to get with the parents at her school and have her go with some friends. She got lots of good candy.. that needs to be thrown out before I eat anymore.
Colin update - Colin had a GREAT week of weight gain. He gained 9 oz this week, which helps since he only gained 3 oz last week. He has been eating a lot better the last few weeks. Over the weekend he only had one big spit up, so reflux seems to lessening. He is up to almost 5 ½ ounces a bottle.
He is sitting up for a good 20 -30 minutes before he falls over, sometimes it’s because he gets so excited about something and kicks his legs and loses his balance. He is TRYING to crawl, if you put your hand behind his feet, he will push off and go a little ways. We usually put a toy about a foot in front of him, and he will push off until he gets it. Still just saying Dada, we are working on MaMa. Very much a happy, happy baby! Colin's jam session with Papa

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